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A father's reflection on raising a girl to womanhood
Starting in your father's eyes
You are what he sees in your mother's reflection
In the process passion is concealed from you
Here lies the double standard
To have a passion for life
To have a passion for love
To have a passion for things
Who places the value on such things
Now that mother's reflection is here

Will I simply place a measure of love before you
A time tested portion of inspiration
metered out from the heart of this adult being
This adult being whose DNA is similar to yours
I present that love in sacrifice for you
But will you always recognize it

Recognize it, baby girl
That which is love
Momma or Daddy
Irregardless of source
We are carefully introducing you to
In all its forms
As this thing of caring comes to you
From us
Value it,digest it, identify with it
For Eros is elusive and foreign to most
Beware Eros
Of itself,it is beautiful and a part of living
Yet, I as man, as well as others
Who will show you examples
You will wonder about selfishness
You will wonder about unselfishness
Please know,baby girl
These things exist of themselves,sterilely
coldly......warmly......luke warmly
Acting on you,prejudicing you,developing you
Singly and Uniquely
From the reflection
which was your mother's eyes

For me
For You
In You
Is that your heart survives with
what was placed in it through sacrifice
It was pure sacrifice for you
mixed with the tears of life
the hardships of recognition
the struggle to be someone
shaded by the light
which colors my skin
against a background
of many shades
All of which come to rest
In a prayer of hope for you
and for all mankind
One that defies
whatever man can defile
as a matter of choice
Singly and Uniquely
Selfishly and unselfishly

Go forth,baby girl
shine in clear skies
while clouds obscure
your brilliance
outlasting them
vaporizing them
Noontime,baby girl

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