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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Emotional · #1120837
Depressive loneliness can create such wonderful pieces of literature.
Luxury Tears

Glass sliding
Mirror showing
What no one wants to see
The ugliness
The hideous mess
That the experiment left behind
Body lovely
Face to die for
But a spirit that has been crushed into bits
Screaming silently
Tears cascading from her eyes
Knowing all too well
That she can never be with them again

Remembering what it was to feel
Love, laughter, passion
Thoughts that only rouse more pain
Can no one see me?
Am I doomed to this life of solitude?
My heart aches…to be loved
Walking slowly to the balcony
Leaning against the doorway
Watching the rain cascade from the sky
Feeling the tears well up behind closed eyes
She chokes them back
Tears, a luxury of the strong
But she is too weak
Suffering in silence
Crying only in solitude
This only doubles the pain

Come down to dinner, the master calls
Desire reverberating through his voice
Hath he no shame? No ounce of integrity?
I’ll not eat tonight, she grimly replies
That’s what you said last night, the master whispers
After walking up the staircase to her chamber
You, Master, seem to take away my appetite
Dangerous emphasis, deliberate provocation
He chuckles to himself
One for you my dear, whispers her into her ear while passing
Breathing hot air into the shell, sending unwelcome shivers
You’ll never make a puppet of me, she snarls
Trying to control her body from his attacks
Blood racing, breathing labored
What was she, some sort of whore? She asks herself in half disgust
Looking her up and down, the master does nothing to keep his desire in check
You are very beautiful my dear…will you not let yourself open to me?
I could show you wonders you’ve never dreamed of…if…
The master trails off with terrible emphasis on that single word
Wonders? She scoffs.
I’ll never see those wonders, Master.
A momentary glint of steel in his gaze
Before she could react, he was glued to her side,
His hand holding the small of her back
Pinioning her to him
Cold ice in his eyes now, frightening her
I’ll not be put off forever my darling, he whispered dangerously low
You must come up for air sooner or later…
His lips welded to hers in a silent dominating kiss
Hard, raw, and savage
Against her will, her body reveled in being loved again
Against her will, she yielded her mouth to his careful speculation
And against her will, she lost control,
And became the puppet she never wanted to be.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1120837-Luxury-Tears