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Observation makes reality
There is no such thing as objectivity. We are all subjective, and consciously aware of a world we, individually, know. The world “out there” is governed by immutable laws, but those laws are open to the state of mind, which is boundless, which has the power of determining the state of events.

Humans have the quality of making sense of abstract ideas, and out of nature’s raw product of giving form to those ideas, for instance in television. Not many years back we thought it was physically impossible to travel faster than the speed of sound. The latest science has mathematically proven “superluminance,” faster than the ultimate speed limit, the speed of light.

If I could be taken back a hundred years in time, the people I would encounter would communicate to me an entirely different set of circumstances. My father told me that when he was a boy (late in the nineteenth century) his family never mentioned the federal government. Only once in his youth did a federal congressman come to town. Only rarely was state government mentioned. Local government was all that mattered, and all the news was local. In those bygone days, the family was the cornerstone of America.

Early in the twentieth century, income tax was made law, to pay for World War I, I guess. It’s always war that justifies more tax. The federal government was not into welfare politics until the Great Depression of the 1930s left a third of the work force jobless. First for the war effort, now, the federal government, with its income tax, felt it had a duty to the individual, which put government in an adversarial role with higher law. Duty, excluding government from the law, grew into an incurable disease, with the rich in control of the whole operation. Federal authorities determine who needs help and who pays for it. Liars figure but figures don’t lie. When you consider the distribution of wealth, and apply it to who pays the most tax, it is the working people paying for government’s duty to themselves. After their tax burden, the working people live from hand to mouth. The richer one is, the more the tax breaks, the rich pay a small fraction of their incomes in tax.

With the rich getting richer and the poor poorer, the income tax code would fill a large boxcar. It’s a shell game. The makers and keepers of the law use the ambiguous, unwieldy income tax code to keep the public in the dark about which shell the pea is under.

History is replete with examples of such gamesmanship. The rich Uncle Sam sees to it that we all have a standard American existence, seeing to it that everyone gets into the act, and that we are properly stigmatized to think of the federal government as the moral equivalence of God. The American people now live in a virtual Garden of Eden, taking commands from Uncle Sam. That makes me the moral equivalence of the serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. According to this Bible story, you have the choice of being commanded from Washington, or plowing the ground on your own.

Everything happens for a reason. America went from laissez faire economics to the welfare state, to oligarchy From scientific advances, the American people have become materialistic and dependent. Since government took on its duty to the individual during depression days, and never gave it up, after a thorough brainwashing it is very hard to understand but quantum physics, now into human consciousness, is giving you the ability to cope on your own.
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