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Basic storyline of my first story.
Annak, the wife of Mellin, gets drunk at the small tavern on her way home on a fall night. Orcs attack the village and the chief, Grimpta Irontusk, finds Annak outside the bar, passed out. He beats her and rapes her. The town defenses hold and the orcs are turned away. Mellin finds his wife stripped and barely alive. He takes her to the healer and is soon able to bring her home. She becomes pregnant and they assume Mellin is the father. Shortly after the child, Mizar, is born, they realize what really happened that night.
Word gets back to Grimpta about the half-orc child in the town they raided. He plans to kill the mother and the child, for fear of him wanting to take over the tribe once he grows up. While Mellin is out of town with young Mizar, the orcs attack again. All the children in the village less than two years old were killed along with many women; Annak included.
Mellin goes a little crazy; secludes himself and Mizar from the rest of the villagers. As Mizar grows, he is told stories about orcs and why he must hate them. Mellin plans for both of them to avenge Annak’s death. Once Mizar is able to bear arms, Mellin teaches him how to fight. Mizar is instantly taken by the axe and vows to chop down every orc he ever sees.
By the time he is fifteen, Mizar is far more advanced, in terms of battling ability, than the other boys his age. He is also starting to show his orc features more prominently. He overhears some men in the market talking about how he looks more like an orc everyday. He confronts them and they start to say something about his mother cheating on his father with the orc chief. Before they can finish their story, Mizar kills one of them and runs home. He tells his father what happened and Mellin decides time had come. They pack a few items and head to the mountains to seek revenge.
Out on the road, Mellin teaches Mizar about basic survival skills, first aid and fishing. Although not very bright, Mizar picked up on those skills quickly. His dreams were filled with the face and the screams of the man he had killed. It was the first person he had even intentionally hurt.
His dream wakes him up one night just as a small group of orcs ambush their camp. He kills the first one coming at him and turns to see his dad being slashed from behind. Mizar finishes off the two who attacked Mellin and the other two ran off.
As he is dying, Mellin admits Mizar is a half-orc and he was not his true father. After learning of the disgusting things the orc chief did to his mother, in conjecture with the fact his adopted father was killed by likely the same tribe, Mizar’s resolve to wipe out all the orcs in the area grew even more. In the morning, he buried Mellin, packed everything he could from his fathers pack and looked west to the mountains.
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