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Alyse makes some lovely new friends as her search continues.
She had searched the entire house looking for Jack and had come up empty. With the effects of the elixir that she had so recently imbibed beginning to dull Alyse decided to extend her search to the area outside of the house. No doubt Alvin or Cyril would have any objections to her departure. She’d left the two of them with their balls empty and cocks soft, sleeping soundly back in the bedroom.

She walked the perimeter of the home and saw nothing of the fellow she so desperately sought. Perhaps he’d once again taken it upon himself to wonder off to parts unknown. Alyse let out a frustrated sigh and turned her eyes to a pathway leading off away from the home she had recently exited. “Why not?” she thought.

Alyse walked along the tree lined swath until she came across another single story expanse nestled in a clearing just off to the side of the beaten path that she was on. Surely it wouldn’t be too farfetched to believe that Jack may have made a stop by this dwelling. He seemed to be very friendly with the residents that had taken up roots in this very unfamiliar region of the Wunderlend campus that she found herself exploring today. Either way, how much harm could there be in asking.

Alyse walked up to the front door and knocked. After waiting for a few moments and receiving now answer she wrapped her knuckles against the red painted wood once more. Nothing. She stepped to the side and peered through one of the slender windows embedded in the wall next to the door frame. The curtains covering the pane of glass on the other side were sheer enough but there didn’t appear to be anything for her to see inside the home. Nothing of any immediate importance to her at least. Maybe there was no one home.

"Oh well", she thought.

Alyse moved back toward the path and thought to continue on her journey when a loud splash of water accompanied by an equally noisy audible of laughter reached her ears and halted her next step. She did an about face and headed back towards that house that was clearly the source of her distraction. Alyse peeked through the window again and failed to find any visible signs of the vibrancy that she had just heard lamented so vividly. It had to have come from somewhere. Perhaps a quick stroll around to the back of the home would provide more answers to this mysterious turn of events.

Pushing open the wooden gate embedded in fence that ran the perimeter of the backyard, Alyse was initially taken in by the large scope of the land laid out before. She turned her eyes away from the multitude of lawn furniture scattered all about and placed them on the vision of the young lady making her way up out of the swimming pool across the lawn from where she stood. Watching the woman scale the small staircase that brought her nude form into clear view left Alyse frozen in a state of bewilderment. Her dripping wet skin glistened brightly under the beaming sun, the sight of which left Alyse virtually hypnotized.

“Oh, miss?” Alyse turned her head in the direction of the voice that she had heard call out. It appeared to belong to a woman sitting poolside, her body stretched out in one of the lawn chairs present. “Yes, you there. Is there something that we can help you with?” The dark tint of her hair matched the color of the two piece bathing suit that she wore. Watching her toss a lengthy towel to the femme making her way out of the depths of the swimming pool (who by now had also turned a curious eye in her direction) snapped Alyse out of her trance.

“Me?” Alyse said, straightening her posture at the sound of her voice and collecting her poise. “No. I’m simply passing through. I didn’t mean to disturb anyone,” she said, watching the stout blonde make a feeble attempt at drying her nakedness with the towel she held, her eyes locked lasciviously on the body adorning the Wunderlend Academy uniform, both of which were currently in Alyse’s possession. “I was just curious as to where my friend Jack had wandered off to. Any chance that he might have passed through here?”

“Jack?” the plucky brunette said, sitting up in her seat and pressing the dark shades that adorned her face down from in front of her eyes. “Did you say Jack?” She hooked her left index finger around the frames of her glasses and pulled her hand away from her face, snatching the dark tinted spectacles away.

Alyse looked on patiently as the two women present with her in the backyard shared a look and a short laugh while she stood there waiting to be addressed again. “Yes. Jack. Please. Did he come through here or didn’t he?”

“Did he ever,” the blonde said as she tossed the towel to the side and stretched out in one of the seats next to her companion.

“Oh come now, Bridgette,” the lovely brunette said as she rose from her seat. “Clearly our young guest here is distraught with worry over the whereabouts of our good friend Jack. I swear, you can be so insensitive sometimes. Come dear,” she said waving Alyse over. Without any further hesitation Alyse traipsed across the manicured lawn over to where the two women were. The brunette stepped behind her and placed her hands on Alyse’s shoulders. Leaning her lips in closer to her left ear, she whispered, “How about a nice hot shower and a dip in the pool to help you relax?” Alyse felt a gentle push on her shoulders and suddenly found herself walking with her new companion still glued to her back. “Afterwards you can sit with us and we can talk all about Jack.”

“Alright,” Alyse said as she continued to be lead toward the patio doors attached to the back of the home.

When they reached the door Alyse’s eager hostess reached around her and turned the knob for her. When the door was pulled open they were each greeted by a chorus of female voices belting out lustful cries of pleasure filled orations. When Alyse moved further into the room she turned her head to the left and widened her eyelids as she took in the vision of the young lady kneeling on the floor in front of a couch. Alyse focused in on the distorted features of the face that lie flat on its side on top of one of the seat cushions. Her attention soon turned to the fingers that continued to rake through the brown streaks of hair lying on the side of her head as the woman gasped and panted.

Alyse stopped walking altogether. Watching this gorgeous young lady’s body being bound forward every time that it recoiled, she continued to let her eyes roam until they zeroed in on the cause of both her body’s motion as well as the aching pants being driven from her lips. She locked eyes with the sultry dark haired vixen on her knees behind the breathlessly gasping woman and stared in disbelief as she continued to slowly thrust her hips against the supple ass cheeks in front of her. Never taking her eyes off of Alyse, she drew the palm of her hand back that wasn’t imbedded in a thick mass of hair and slapped it down on the outer portion of one of the glistening hemispheres drawing a shocked yelp out of her moaning counterpart. Gripping her fingers into the mass of flesh, she pressed her hand forward and pulled her own hips back, allowing Alyse a clear view of the long slender rod that she drew out from the spreading crevasse.

Alyse inhaled sharp, quick, and fast as she watched this woman’s hips dart forward in a flash and forcefully shove the extension attached to her waist with flesh tone colored straps deep into the wet opening wrapped tightly around it. This action caused one more surprised yelp to slip out from the head lying flat on the couch. “Linda,” the sultry woman spoke as she once again took up her slow back and forth motion, her eyes still locked on Alyse. “Who’s your friend?”

Alyse had since let her eyes drift to the long couch on the other side of the room where she found two more sets of eyes taking in the image of her. One belonged to a stunning short haired Orient lying on her back with her head tilted back in Alyse’s direction as her hands cupped both of her heaving breasts. The other set of eyes were imbedded in the face of the honey brown skinned Latina lying flat on her stomach holding her companion’s thighs apart as she slowly drug her tongue across the wet folds just beneath her face.

“I’m not sure,” the woman at Alyse’s back spoke as she placed her hands on the upper portion of the jacket sleeves covering her arms and resting her chin down on the top of her left shoulder. “She hasn’t told me yet.” Alyse’s eyes had drifted back across the room to the far end of the couch on that side where a solitary redhead sat slouched down on the cushion. Taking in the scene occurring on the opposite side of the room from her, she suckled at the two fingers that she slid back and forth into her mouth while pushing and pulling on the artificial rod that she had lodged between the wet lips at the epicenter of her rocking hips. “What is your name, dear?”

“A…Alyse,” she uttered once she was able to catch her breath again, her eyes still darting back and forth between the bodies present in this room. “My name is Alyse.”

“Alyse, is it? Would you like to be next…Alyse?”

She stared at the sinisterly snarling grin that the woman on the floor in front of her wore as took both of her nipples up into her gently pinching fingers while slightly quickening the pace of her hips. “I…uh…I…”

“I’m afraid Alyse is coming with me, Gretchen,” Linda said, ceasing her guest’s stuttering attempt to answer the question being posed to her. “So you’ll just have to make due with Claudia for the time being, won’t you?”

“Whatever you say,” Gretchen responded, dropping her hands down and grabbing hold of the hips in front of her as hers began to pick up the pace at which they moved, her eyes still on Alyse as the cries of her partner grew louder and came more frequent.

“Come,” Linda said, tapping her fingers against Alyse’s arms. “This way.”

Alyse refused to let her eyes be torn away from display laid out before her even as her hostess ushered her toward a door in front of her on the other side of the room. After several twists and turns through the house Linda pulled open a door and placed a palm against the small of her back, pushing Alyse forward into a steam filled expanse of a room. After further examination Alyse came to the realization that it was a bathroom. A very large bathroom.

Rounding the corner as she stepped across the damp tile floor, Alyse peered through the white cloud of tiny water droplets that filled the atmosphere, taking in the view of the long, thin stretch of marble that made up the sink counter. She found the ebony complexioned woman sitting on top of it with the bare skin of her back leaning against the fogged over mirror of particular interest. Not to mention the cream colored femme kneeling on the wet floor in front of her. Chocolate thighs spread wide, the woman seated on the counter with her left leg dangling over the side and her right foot resting on top of the marble rubbed her fingers through the damp strands of hair of the woman tonguing the lips between her hips.

The woman on the floor had a towel wrapped around her body. The one belonging to the seated girl lie pooled around her waist as she used her free hand to fondle her own breasts and pinch at her nipples. The sight forced Alyse to clutch at the bottom hem of her skirt and tug it down some. She didn’t have long to linger. Linda continued to lead her further into the depths of the enormous washroom. The sheer size of the facilities forced Alyse to wonder just how many women inhabited this dwelling in order to make the presence of such a grand washroom necessary.

“Here,” Linda said, stopping her in a small quad filled with wooden benches that lined the walls. She pulled back on her shoulders and helped Alyse off with the navy blue Wunderlend Academy jacket covering the damp powder blue blouse beneath it.

When Alyse turned around to face her Linda dropped her eyes down to get a look at the imprint of the nipples and areolas that had soaked through their covering. Taking a few steps back, she slowly ran her tongue over her lower lip as Alyse moved her hands down the center of her chest undoing one blouse button at a time until both of her glowing orbs were freed from their restraints. Linda winced aloud as Alyse jutted her chest forward while pulling her arms behind her to remove the short sleeve covering. Her skirt was the next to go and Linda used her eyes to carefully explore the exterior of the nude form standing in front of her as she kneeled down to collect the discarded articles of clothing.

She breathed in and let out one heavy breath after the next as she soaked in the image of Alyse‘s naked body. “Why don’t I just go find somewhere to let these dry out while you get washed up.” Her eyes, at long last, rose up to meet Alyse’s. “Afterwards you can come and revisit us outside by the pool. Okay?” Alyse nodded as Linda backed away from her at a snail’s pace, her eyes dropping down to explore Alyse’s glistening dewdrop covered form again. “Oh my,” she whispered to herself as she turned and took her leave of her.

Standing alone in the quad now, Alyse turned her attention toward the opening in the wall to her right; Linda having exited through the door sized portal directly in front of her. Stepping through the fog, she moved her bare feet across the wet tile floor toward the increasingly louder sound being made by several water powered jet streams. She moved her naked body over the threshold and swiveled her neck to the right to view the row of hot water spewing shower heads that lined the tile wall in front of her. Her eyes stopped moving when they caught sight of the two naked women embracing each other further down into the fog filled depths of the large shower room. Standing beneath a cascading shower head, they broke their lips apart but continued to keep their arms wrapped around each other as they turned their heads to get a look at the woman attempting to join them in the shower. It didn’t take them long to forget she was standing there as Alyse watched the both of them quickly revert back to exploring the other’s mouth with their tongues as the heated water ran down their conjoined faces.

Alyse stepped back out into the cool summer air of the backyard and closed the door behind her, instantly silencing the sound of the labored pants coming from the room she had just departed. Holding the towel clutched tight around her naked body, she moved her bare feet across the patio floor and over to where Linda lie stretched out over a large beach towel next to the chair that Bridgette’s nude form rested in.

Linda lifted her head up from the pillow that her arms were previously being used as and turned her eyes back over her shoulder, placing them on Alyse. “Don’t just stand there, dearie. Go ahead. The water is beautiful.”

Alyse let the towel she held drop down around her feet and continued on forward between the two ladies. When she reached the edge of the pool she dove in and submerged her nakedness in the warm soothing blue that filled the large grotto.

“You weren’t kidding,” Bridgette said as she eyed to nubile form moving through the water at its crystal clear depths toward the opposite end of the pool.

When Alyse reached the wall at the other end she came up for a breath of air. Turning to get a look at the two women across the way, she flashed their grinning faces a bright wide smile before dunking her body and starting back in their direction.

“Hand me that lotion,” Linda said, extending her right arm out to the side of her while continuing to keep her eyes on the pool in front of her.

Bridgette reached down on her left and pushed her hand into the miniature duffle resting on the ground next to her. When she came back up with the small bottle she tossed it over to her companion.

The drenched streaks of Alyse’s golden blonde hair broke through the water’s surface once more and she ascended the underwater staircase that brought her out of the pool. When Linda held up the plastic bottle beside her head Alyse began to move her still dripping wet form over in her direction. “Do you mind?” Linda said.

“Not at all,” Alyse replied. She knelt down beside her on the feather soft strip of material and removed the bottle from her hand, dripping water across her bronzed skin as she did so. “Sorry,” Alyse exclaimed, giggling nervously.

“Relax, precious. No harm. No foul.” Linda reached back behind her and pulled at one of the strings holding the knot that her bikini top was tied together with, undoing the bundle of thin black straps and pulling them away.

Alyse flipped the top up, turned the bottle upside down, and emptied some of its moist contents into her palm. First she rubbed her hands together then pressed them into the sun warmed flesh covering each of Linda’s shoulder blades. Alyse glided her fingers across her skin and curved them down over her shoulders before moving her hands out across her collar bones. Linda rested her head back down on her pillowed forearms, gently moaning her approval of Alyse’s actions. “Umm,” she hummed out, sucking in her bottom lip and running the tip of her tongue across it. “That’s nice.”

“I’m sure it is,” Bridgette said, rising from her seat and staring down at the scene. Alyse turned her head and watched as the superbly crafted bare skinned body knelt down and began rummaging through the small bag next to her seat. When Bridgette rose again she clutched a small pink butterfly with purple wings in her palms that came equipped with dangling beige strings. Alyse looked on in disbelief as the woman standing next to her pulled the hanging straps wide and stepped into them as she would have done any small pair of lower under garments. She hoisted the winged insect up between her legs and sat back down in her seat with her legs stretched out in front of her spread a tad bit apart.

Alyse went on with her rubbing as her eyes remained on Bridgette, staring intensely at her as she reached a hand down between her legs and repositioned the small inanimate creature that she had nestled into her dampening folds. With a flick of her fingers, Alyse saw the seated woman bring the dormant mechanism to a low humming, slow buzzing life.

“Lower, sweetie,” Linda said to her, regaining Alyse’s full attention.

Alyse pressed her massaging fingers harder into the flesh covering her back as she heeded her host’s command and moved her hands lower. Alyse went down as far as her lower back, using her thumbs to apply circular motions of pressure along the area on either side of Linda’s spine as she did.

“Just move those out of your way,” Linda spoke to her once more.

Alyse lowered her eyes further down the body lying beside her and took in the sight of the black bikini bottom covering the pair of shapely hemispheres that the woman she was rubbing down had to have been referring to. Alyse turned her eyes over to Bridgette just as she was lowering hers to get a look at her. Bringing one hand up and gripping her fingers around one of her nipples, Bridgette let the left corner of her mouth creep up the side of her face, forming a half grin. She pulled on the nipple she clutched hold of hard enough to lift the massive breast that it was attached to before letting go and allowing the mound to drop back into place.

Alyse turned back to Linda and dug her fingers into to the elastic band of her bathing suit bottom and pulled down on it. At first only the portion covering her ass cheeks moved, giving Alyse a splendid view of the silky soft mass that she had just uncovered. Once Linda lifted her hips a bit Alyse was able to pull the small portion of the swim suit down the length of her legs until she had them removed altogether. Once that was done Alyse straddled the back of Linda’s thighs and pressed both of her palms down hard on each half of her ass. Linda breathed out a very audible sigh of appeasement. Bridgette looked over at the sight of Alyse’s kneading fingers. They momentarily locked eyes again and then simultaneously dropped their peering orbs down to the fissure that Alyse used her hands to constantly spread open and close again.

Bridgette lowered her hand across her torso and pushed it underneath the small vibrating butterfly at the same time that Alyse was in the process of lifting a hand up to her face. She stuck the middle and ring finger of her right hand in between her lips and sucked them to back of her tongue. Bridgette pinched her outstretched fingers closed around her buzzing clit at the sight of it. When Alyse drug her saliva drenched fingers out of her mouth she leaned forward and placed her left hand down on the towel beside Linda, sliding the two wet digits of her other hand between her host’s quivering thighs. Quickly located the opening of the warmed over well, Alyse pressed her two fingers deep into the silken cavern.

Bridgette stood up from her chair as she continued to watch Alyse stare down at Linda’s gently writhing body while she slowly drew her fingers in and out of her. Bridgette fumbled around in the duffle next to her chair for a moment as she listened Linda’s rate of breathing increase. The sound of her friend’s soft panting brought a smile to her face. Bridgette moved over and positioned herself behind Alyse’s body, straddling Linda’s legs. First she took hold of her by the hips but soon moved her hands up and squeezed hold of Alyse’s hanging breasts. The sensation of the trembling mechanism still lodged between Bridgette’s thighs forced her to squeeze harder on Alyse. She pushed her hips forward and let the vibrating insect tickle the back of her ass.

When Alyse leaned down further and drug her tongue up the center of Linda’s back her host let out a slow moan as she pushed up off of the towel beneath her. Alyse pulled her fingers out of her and leaned back. Linda rose up to her feet and Alyse found herself having to push herself up higher on her knees as Bridgette turned around, lowered her back down to the towel, and slid her face beneath Alyse’s hips. With Bridgette’s arms wrapping down over the tops of Alyse’s spread out thighs, she was quickly introduced to the feel of a wet tongue thrusting up to fill her open hole. Momentarily shocked by the sensation, Alyse lowered herself on the face beneath her and swiftly lifted herself back up only to feel Bridgette’s arm pose a resistance and pulled the dripping slit back down to the tongue that eagerly awaited it.

Alyse let out a shrieking moan as the tip of Bridgette’s tongue found her sensitive nub just as she was lifting her eyes to the vision of Linda spinning her body around. She stepped over to Alyse who tilted her head back just as she was in the process of placing her crotch against her face. Linda placed both of her palms against the back of Alyse’s head and pulled her parting lips into the wet folds of flesh that jerked back slightly at the sudden feel of warm skin on skin contact. Alyse raised her hands and smashed her fingers into the soft flesh of each mound comprising Linda’s superbly formed backside as her host grinded her sex against her lapping tongue and soft lips.

Linda cried out in ecstasy.

Alyse belted out an elongated yelp.

Bridgette joined them in sound, her orgasmic call muffled by the wet folds of flesh that she feverishly lapped at while the butterfly between her legs buzzed her clit to the point of explosion. Alyse sucked out Linda’s running juices at the same time that hers were coating the lips of the face beneath her. Three wet buttons exploded all at once and sent a trio of quivering wet canals into spastic release in a unified symphony of pleasure filled bellows.
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