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Alyse's dream time intermission.
Candy coated dreamscapes skip ahead to find me lying in one verse from your lips

Where have you gotten off to this time?

Come back to me

Let's talk for a minute

You spin a web and I'll climb up in it

Sing me a tale of sex and lust, of magic spells and pixie dust

Tell me, Alyse, where are you off to now?

There's a world beneath that skirt of yours full of wells and wonders I adore

Hey, Alyse, did you lose your way again?

Bedroom eyes and sunshine thighs

A moonlit dance under twilight skies

Hey, Alyse, do you mind telling me what the fuss is all about?

Rushed about and tucked away

Your dreams are words to music

Close your eyes and tell me what you see

Is it sweat and wet and warm and moist, your tongue on flesh, your aching voice?

Alyse, where have you gotten off to now?

What is it like there?

What are you like there?

Touching you right there

Feels so right there

Sleep sound and wake to dream

I can't wait to see your eyes when you return

Welcome back, sweet Alyse

Where've you been?
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