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I am all that I am
I am

I am the epitome of evil
I am good
I am a Christian
          though not a good one
I am kind
I am cruel
I am all you want to be
I am all you strive not to be
I am genius
I am idiot
I am a friend
I am friendless
I am the guy who offers help when you are stranded
I am the guy you ignore when he is stranded
I am the book cover that proves that appearances are deceiving
I am brother
          though he denies I am here
I am husband
          and to my wife
I am a paycheck
I am a punching bag
I am the babysitter
I am who she sleeps with
          When she can find no other
I am son
          maybe their first
          but not the first in their eyes
I am father to two sons that almost were not
          and for them
I am teacher
I am doctor
I am miracle worker
I am magician
I am funny
I am that big meanie that takes the game controllers away
I am protector
I am chef
I am laundress
I am chauffeur
          and for all
I am me
but it is for the two that I am here
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