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A compost heap and the emotion of ... well love well placed or misplaced. You decide.
Where grows the compost heap

In spring the garden must be tilled,
the weeds removed with care.
The seeds are planted by the moon,
each seedling sent a prayer.
And we rejoice and work till dawn
then fertilize the ground.
And in each other's sweet embrace
love's bound.

The rows are hoed, tomatoes caged,
the peppers tied to sticks.
The corn is watered, pumpkins set,
zucchini must be picked.
And all the refuse gathers where
we've made a compost heap.
And all the clippings go to where
love weeps.

When I have given mine to you
and you have offered thine.
We look to where we've cleared the patch
where grow two leaves entwined.
Eyes meet and warmly drink it in,
we savor this sweet time.
Before the garden calls us back,
love chimes.

We've put the rotten fruits in piles,
attracting ants and swine.
The dirt that clung to roots brings worms,
the morning dew's turned wine.
Each noon the garden paths are cleared,
the turnips tucked in rows.
Now deep within the compost heap
love grows

In autumn and in winter, when
the spring brings forth its thrall,
in summer when all wilts from thirst,
be careful, heed the call.
For at the bottom moisture lays;
at top the grass turns straw.
Through layers of a compost heap,
love gnaws.

The worms begin to multiply;
the grass turns into soil.
The once proud green of innocence
now ripens from their toil.
The heat remains deep in the pile
where heartbeats feel the bake.
And in depths of compost heaps,
love quakes.

And when I've plucked all roots from earth
and when you've cut all vines,
we look to where we've cleared the patch
where two leaves grew entwined.
Eyes meet and slowly turn away
remembering the time
when where the compost heap now lies,
love chimed.

© Kåre Enga

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26 July, 2006

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