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Draco's got a girl. He's in love, does Lucius agree? No.
Draco trudged down the third floor hallway of his home. His fathers room was closer than he wanted it to be. He reached the door and knocked before entering.

"Ah, Draco so glad you came," said his father sneering down at him, his long straight blond hair flying around his face as he spun around to face his son. " I wanted to talk to you about school."

"Yes, father what about it? I have friends, I'm doing well in classes, and I'm having fun," said Draco ticking them off on his fingers, knowing what his father really wanted to talk about. Not school, but some one from school. Draco just had to keep his cool until his father said any thing. Not wanting to sound shifty about the conversation, but also wanting to get it over with he added; "What else could be up with school," he paused. "Father?"

"GINNY WEASLEY!!"Screamed Lucius. The slumbering paintings around them awoke with a start. Draco swallowed. Whoopsy!!

"What about her father?" he asked innocently.

"You and Ginny Weasley. A Malfoy and a Weasley. They don't mix Draco. What were you thinking?!" Lucius Malfoy fumed "A Weasley! what..?We'll be the laughing stock at the ministry. Arthur Weasley will want to talk to me. Oh God. Draco you..." he trailed off lost for words of.

"Father Ginny's special. She's funny, and she doesn't cause trouble. Crabbe and Goyle were just well, boring. And how do you know? I did not tell you, and no friends of mine have been around in weeks." said Draco just realizing he had not said any thing to his father.

"I saw you. Holding hands over a table at Florean Fortescues Ice-Cream Parlor" Lucius looked down at his son in disgust. "You have shamed me Draco. Me. Your own flesh and blood" Lucius turned his back and faced into the roaring fire's magical green flames. The painting all listened to their conversation in shock.

Draco thought his next words over carefully looking around the bedroom. The heavy dark oak writing desk in the corner, the windows stained green with a clear snake in the center of each pane of glass. The king size bed, shelfs of books and mysterious objects Draco wasn't aloud to go any where near.

"No father, your the shame to this family. You and your ways. You buy your way into every thing. I know your not just working for the ministry for the job and the money. Your not following Fudge, your following him. The one person who's name you hate being said under your roof by anyone who isn't you" Draco fumed. He took a deep breath. "Your not following Fudge your following Voldemort!!!" Draco was shocked at his own bravery of saying you-know-who's name out loud "I don't see how everything that goes wrong in this house is my fault. why? Why always me?" Draco turned to the door.

"Where do you think your going?" Shouted his father marching over to him.

"OUT!!!"screamed Draco.

"With your little girlfriend?" sneered Lucius.

"No as a matter of fact! I'm going to meet Harry Potter, got a problem with that?" Draco demanded, he stepped out and slammed the door shut in his Fathers face. Draco ran from the house and stopped suddenly at the corner of the street. He took out his wand and held out his arm. A loud crack broke the silence. The violet purple Knight Bus pulled to a stop in front of Draco and Stan Shunpike bounced down the step's.

"Hello, welcome to the Kni-" started Stan but he was cut off by Draco.

" I know O.K, your Stan and this is the Knight Bus; emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. I know just let me on." snapped Draco. Stan moved aside and Draco walked onto the bus and took a seat near the conductor, Ernie. He hadn't felt like walking up the narrow winding staircase to the second floor on the triple decked bus.

"Were you wanna go then?" asked Stan following Draco to the front of the bus.

"The Leaky Cauldron." Draco said sitting down in a squashy arm-chair.

The bus ride was bumpy but quick. Draco thought of the argument he and his father had just had. He had meant every word he had said, and knew he couldn't go back home until father had gone to the Ministry.

When the bus finally pulled to a stop outside a stop outside The Leaky Cauldron, Draco stepped off the bus, Stan stood at the window. He nodded to Draco who nodded back, just as the bus disappeared in a speedy screech around the corner.

"Draco". Shouted Harry a Draco stepped into the crowded pub. Harry waved him over. "Hey. Where's Ginny?" He asked Harry.

Ron and Hermione sat on either side of Harry, Draco took a seat next to Ron.

"She's gone the the bathroom." Said Hermione, smiling. Just then Ginny appeared next to the table and beamed at Draco before sitting in the chair between him and Hermione.

"Hey how are you?" she asked, leaning over and pecking him on the cheek.

"Good, I guess. Father knows about us now, we had an argument." He shrugged. "You?"

"I'm good, where do you lot want to go today then?"asked Ginny. Hermione shrugged and looked around at them all.

"Well, lets just walk round then." Said Ron, getting up from the table followed by Harry and Ginny. Draco pushed himself up from his chair and Hermione sighed, but followed anyway.
She had seemed rather content in just sitting in the warmth of the pub, sipping her Butterbeer and laughing and joking with the others.

Draco took Ginny's hand and they walked out to the small courtyard out back.
Harry took out his wand and tapped some bricks, when he had finished the bricks
moved apart to form a archway to let them through. Harry tucked his wand away in his jeans pocket and stepped into Diagon Alley.

"Wow, not very crowded," joked Harry. Diagon Alley was always packed and today was no exception. Hermione let out a giggle which was drowned out by a high cackle that seemed familiar to them.

"Oh, god what do Pansy's parents do with her at home?"muttered Ron, finding the source of the noise.

"She dosn't live with her parents, they were killed at work by something. She lives with her grandparents, who are muggles and almost deaf. So really they don't suffer as much as we do." said Draco, Pansy had been Draco's ex-girlfreind, so he knew everything.

Pansy turned in their direction, as she was talking to her friend and had not noticed them. She turned her head away from her friend and caught sight of Draco, not yet noticing who he was with.

"Draco"Her jaw dropped when she saw who's had was in his own. "What are you doing with them? And her?" scoffed Pansy.

"Whats it got to do with you? These are my friends." He said standing his ground.

"Where are Crabbe and Goyle?" she snapped, her cheeks burning

"Not here," said Draco, looking around. "I don't hang around with them anymore, they got boring and I want to make Hogwarts fun, unlike you."

"Whats that supposed to mean, Malfoy?!"she spat.

"That means your just as boring as Crabbe and Goyle, all you ever want to do is sit around and talk about Griffindor's and Hufflepuff's getting hurt, and what kind of eye-shadow your going to need to wear tomorrow, which by the way dosn't make any difference to your face. But never Ravenclaw's, why's that Pansy?" Draco sneered.

Pansy's Cheeks redden more and more as Draco spoke.

"I don't see how thats got anything to do with you, Draco."she hissed.

"I think a bludger to the head did something to that Ravenclaw keeper, otherwise
he wouldn't look twice at you!" With that Pansy stormed off. her friend threw a dirty look at Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Draco and ran after her friend.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Draco walked up the long road to The Burrow.

"Wow you house is great!" Exclaimed Draco, looking at the many windows of the slanty but homely house. "You've got loads of space, which must be in good use, seeing as you are on the Quidditch team and everything, Ron." Draco grinned sideways at Ron and then turned his attention to Harry. "How come your staying here then, Harry?"

"I do most Summers, I hate the Dursleys! Being with Dudley every summer is one form of torture by itself, but if I could I'd turn him into some really small and then squash him until I felt satisfied that he was completely dead and never coming back...But I can't do that, sadly". Harry grinned and winked at Ron over Draco's shoulder. Harry looked up at The Burrow, just as Mrs Weasley walked out to greet them, having seen them through the kitchen window.

"Harry, dear, how good to see you again, with us all summer again, I hope, I found your trunk up in Ron's room this morning. Ron I found your note too, although, next time could you try not to wipe you chocolate covered fingers all over it, please? Ah, Hermione, almost didn't see you there dear, how good to see you as well." Mrs Weasley greeted them all cheerfully.

"Hey, Mrs Weasley!!" Said Hermione, being pulled into a hug along side Harry, by Mrs Weasley. Letting them go she studied them and smiled, and then her eyes fell on Draco and it vanished.

Her eyes traveled down to his arms just as Pansy's had three hours earlier. He had his hand laced with Ginny's like before. Mrs Weasley forced a smile, for Ginny's sake.

"Mum, you know Draco, right?" inquired Ginny, breaking the silence that had began to grow awkwardly between them.

"Oh," she stuttered,"Draco Malfoy, yes yes of course, Lucius' son, yes yes."

"Harry, Harry! Good to see you, totally spiffing actually! Wouldn't you say Fred Old Boy?!" said George Weasley coming into view with his identical twin twin, Fred. Both with flaming red hair, identical down to the last freckle.

"Ah, yes, of course George, and look at this, it's Hermone, ah, dear what a startling surprise!" With that Hermione, Ron and Harry all burst into a fit of laughter.

"What the hell are you talking like that for?" asked Ron between gasps for breath.

"Talking like what, Old Boy?" joked Fred, " We're proper English men, do you have a problem with that?" his face cracked into a grin.

"Whatever" laughed Ron "Don't let Percy hear you, he'll think your taking the Mick!"

"Ah, good old Perce, I forgot all about him. Georgey boy, old pal, shall we pay him a short, but sweet visit?" grinned Fred.

"Yes we should," and with a loud crack that echoed on the dusky pink sky, they were gone.

"You know, I just thought they were crazy at school!" laughed Draco.

"No, we get i here to dear, just as bad, seeing as their aloud to apperate here." sighed Molly.

"Want a game of Quidditch?" suggested Ginny as Mrs Weasley walked back into the kitchen.

"Yeah, sure, my Firebolt's upstairs". Said Harry. "I'll go and get it".
Harry walked into the house and came out again in ten minutes carrying four brooms over his shoulder. He handed one the Ron, Ginny and Hermione and kept his Firebolt in his own hand.

"Hey, Ginny what about Draco?" said Ron.

"I know I've thought about it, Fred and George have brooms". said Ginny looking into Draco's eyes.

"It's okay, I'll get my broom." he unlaced his fingers from Ginny's and took out his wand. "Accio Nimbus 2001!!" he said clearly, closing his eyes to picture his broom in his minds eye.

A swishing sound above them told them that his broom was coming.
A second later the broom was at mounting hight and Draco was kicking off, "Okay then lets go!!" He shouted.
They mounted and sped after him.

They played a few good games of Quidditch and then they went in as the dark night sky set in.

Draco didn't want to go home, the Weasleys weren't what his dad had brought him up to believe they were, well, cool.

"When Arthur gets back he'll take you home, dear." Said Mrs Weasley smiling at Draco. "He shouldn't be long, about an hour." Draco nodded.

"Harry, Hermione, are you coming up stairs?" said Ron getting up from the kitchen bench.

"Don't ask us then!" joked Ginny getting up and playfully punching Ron's arm.

"Oh sorry Ginny, forgot you were there, I do that a lot actually!" said Ron laughing. "You and Draco can come up to if you want." he added.

"Yeah, sure!" Ginny smiled angelically up at her older brother.

Upstairs, Ron's bedroom was once again cramped for the summer because Harry was staying over again. Ron and Harry sat on Ron's bed and Hermione sat at the bottom of Harry's bed on which Ginny and Draco also sat, Ginny in between Draco's legs leaning against his chest.

"Hogwarts is going to be different next year." said Hermione looking sad. Dumbledor gone, none of them could believe it!

"I'm glad I didn't follow in my fathers foot steps. I wouldn't of got to know Ginny or have fun with you guys." said Draco, looking round Ron's room. "I mean, if I had followed his lead, I would probably be after all of you trying to kill you!"

"Well, I guess I'm glad too! Now you said that!" They all laughed. "What about Crabbe and Goyle?" asked Harry.

"They just want something I'm not prepared to give any more."

"What that then!?" asked Hermione

"Trouble!" Draco stated solemnly.

"Wooha. Draco Malfoy, NOT cause trouble?!!" joked Ron dramatically wafting his face.

"Well, you and Harry aren't exactly the best behaved pupils at Hogwarts are you?" he retorted jokingly.

"Well we've had our share of trouble making!" sighed Harry. "It was fun, 7th year though, loads of fun, more privileges this year to play around with. Which means, more trouble!" they laughed and Ron who was laughing a little to hard almost choked himself.

Mr Weasley didn't get home until late and he was tired.

"Well, dear, how are we supposed to take Draco home??" demanded Molly as she busied herself around the kitchen.

"I don't know, Molly!" snapped Mr Weasley. "He'll have to stay here tonight!"

"What about Lucius? He'll go mad!" said Mrs Weasley making more mess around he kitchen than what she was supposed to be clearing up.

"Draco, would you mind, saving me the trouble, and staying here tonight." said Mr Weasley collapsing onto the couch.

"Erm...if it's easier for you Mr. Weasley!" Draco said, almost jumping at the chance.

"Well thats that then!" said Mr. Weasley, greatful to have some peace, but by the look on Molly's face he wasn't getting off that easily. "Harry, could you get me a large FireWhiskey please?"

"Yeah sure." Harry walked into the kitchen just as Mrs. Weasley came into the actual living room instead of the door way. Harry came back trough with a whiskey glass and a bottle of FireWhiskey. He poured Mr. Weasley a large glass full of the red tinged liquid.

"Well, wheres he going to sleep?!" Molly fumed. "Ron's room is cramped enough already. Hermione's in Percy's old room, Fred and George still stay here over the holidays because their too lazy to do their own washing and prepare food. Ginny's room's got space but- well--"

"Well, what mum?" said Ginny marching into the living room followed closly by Hermione. "I don't mind sharing, I used to share with Hermione every summer for four years!"

"Mrs. Weasley sighed. "O.K then I'll go and get you a bed sorted Draco." she hurried up staris to sort everything out leaving everyone else to talk about tomorrow.

In Ginny's room, it looked dlightly cramped because of Draco's bed.
"Wow, well this should be fun." said Ginny sitting down on his bed. Smiling at him, mischivously!

Draco flopped down behind Ginny, with his back pressed against the wall and Ginny pressed against him. He circled his arms around her waist.

"Your perfect, Ginny Weasley." Draco wispered softly in her ear. " I love you" Stroking a finger along her slim waist he lent in a planted a lasting kiss on her lips.

"I don't want you to go home tomorrow!" wispered Ginny looking deep into Draco's pale blue eye's.

"I know how you feel, if I could I would never go back. Potter's lucky he's always away from his 'home' and family in the summer!" Draco spat. He sighed deeply looking in Ginny's eyes and seeing the shock of Draco talking like that after he had been so nice for so long, but she knew that she couldnt chnage how he felt...unless...

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