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Fantasy & Erotica poem
Lying in a wheat field, a light breeze toys with my hair,
While his gentle fingers touch me everywhere
My eyes never leave his as his hands begin to explore
It’s not merely sex, but something so much more

The wheat in the fields sway to and fro,
As the fire ignites within, and our passion grows
Our hands entwine tenderly as we lie cheek to cheek
Our passion slaked under a starlit sky, no words do we speak

His eyes fuse with mine with tenderness, and reveal so much
I begin to crave him again, but this time not bare flesh’s touch
I find such joy in just snuggling in his powerful arms
Willingly submitting to his amorous charms

Our lips mesh as the fire is rekindled again
Our bodies bursting into flames as desire stirs within
We make love without hesitation, and soar to the moon and back
Afterwards lie in contentment, our love alive and intact

What we shared was a lover’s dance…
Forever a lover’s dance.
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