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An e-mail from the future.
The subject line read "7 Days Left" and the date on the e-mail was "Sun Aug 23, 2020". Looking at the e-mail address Regina's brow knotted, it was from Gunther. Damn, she thought, he knows better than to send me spam with future dates on them. I wonder what he's selling this time. Clicking on the subject line, she opens the message.

Dear Re,

I know you think I'm probably trying to sell you something, but this message is for real. At this moment I'm sitting on Moon Base One, watching the destruction of every city Earth. The planet itself will survive, of course, but humanity will not. At least, not unless you help!

I have seven day to change the past and save humanity. The only way to do that, is to prevent Cindi Morse from marrying Roger Hogan. Re, I know that Cindi Morse is your house mate, I need you to introduce me (not the me writing this e-mail but my past self, the one that will be taking you to work on Thru Aug 24, 2006). Please, Re, the future of humanity depends upon that introduction. If you don't introduce me to her humanity has no chance of surviving this crisis.

Yours ever,


"Why the sneaky little bastard."

"Who’s a 'sneaky little bastard'" said Cindi setting a cup of coffee on the wooden T.V. stand beside the desk holding Regina's computer.

"Gunther the guy who takes me to work on Thursday mornings. He wants me to introduce him to you."

"You mean the weird little creep that drives the 1968 psychedelic station wagon?"

"Gunther's a little weird, but he's not a creep. At least not most of the time. Don't worry, Cindi, I won't introduce him to you."

“You certainly will not, Re! Roger ask me to marry him last night and I said yes.”

“Roger who, Cindi?”

“Roger Hogan, the astrophysicist we met at Clay’s last party.”

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