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Poem written about spending quality time with my daughter.
Gathering Clouds



The head of a Rhino!

We lay on the grass calling them out.
My daughter and I so excited we'd shout.
It took so long, to find each one
But I didn't mind, for her it was fun.

For me, my back was racked with pain.
To get off the ground would be such a strain.
But time with her was more than a gift,
It did my heart well to receive such a lift.

Hearing the leaves sing in the breeze.
She suddenly sat up and leaned on her knees.
A quizzical look came over her face.
She jumped to her feet and did it with haste.

She pointed up then squealed and said,
'I want that one' the Rhinoceros head.'
I looked at the cloud as it shaded the sun.
And thought a quick thought and pondered it some.

It amazes me what she's thankful for.
She prays about little things, not famine, not war.
She's filled with delight, wonder, and awe,
With things she has done and things that she saw.

'Yes that's the one please get it for me.'
I sat there and smiled, and considered her plea.
'Okay, Okay the Rhino is yours.'
As I rolled over and paused on all fours.

"Quickly, daddy before it's all gone."
I moaned and groaned as I rose from the lawn.
We took many a picture of clouds galore,
As we had done many times before.

We knelt by her bed that evening to pray.
'Thank you O God for the Rhino today.'
I choked back a tear as she continued aloud.
'And thank you dear Lord for making the clouds.'

We would take pictures to save in a book.
And now and again we'd give them a look.
We spent many an hour gathering them.
Lord what I would give to do that again.

Now she's a teen, almost full-grown,
And soon will be moving out on her own.
She's quite a young lady and I am so proud,
But long for the days when we gathered the clouds.

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