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A poem and essay about the TV Show.
Dark, scary, frightning nights
Angelique casts her spells
Red blood, Barnabas the vampire drinks
Knowledge of the

Supernatural can be a good thing
Here in Collinsport, strange things happens
Any given night, vampires, ghosts, werewolves may appear
Daytime is when things are normal
Oh how you dread the night!
Widow's Hill is where women took their lives because the
Sailors they loved died at sea!

I am sure all of you remember the TV Show Dark Shadows. I just loved Barnabas and he was my favorite vampire. He didn't want to be evil. He wanted to be normal and with the help of Dr. Julia Hoffman, he was. Angelique, the beautiful witch was in love with Barnabas and gave him the vampire curse. We all know that Barnabas loved her all along but he wouldn't admit it even to himself. He did tell her right after she was shot by Lamar Trask, back in the past. {Dark Shadows was always going back into the past!} Angelique died before she heard the words that she had waited so long to hear. Baranabas first true love was Josette.

Victoria Winters was ready Elizabeth Stoddard's daughter but they never revealed that but we know that was the reason Elizabeth bought her to Collinwood. She is also the one who sent the checks to the Orphanage for Victoria. Sweet Victoria. She was clueless. She was also someone that Barnabas loved.

Quentin the ghost. He later was in the show back in one of the past series and later was reincarnated in human form. He sure was a handsome man. I really loved the love scenes of him and Beth, the maid.

Roger Collins was a handsome older man who had a orny son named David but he grew up into a well behaved youg man even though he tampered with his father's car and tried to kill him. Elizabeth Stoddard was a beautiful lady and Mistress of Collinwood.

Carolyn Stoddard, Elizabeth's daughter had a teribble time keeping boyfriends. Joe was the love of her life but she lost him to Maggie Evans, a sweet pretty young woman who became one of Barnabas's victims because she resembled Josette.

Angelique was my favorite and I always wanted her to be with Barnabas. I always thought witches were old, ugly, had green faces, warts and wore always homely black clothes. Oh! Angelique didn't have a cat, either.

I loved Dark Shadows and this is how I learned about the supernatural. This seems like a fairy tale compared to the horror movies that they show now. Dark Shadows was also the first soap I ever watched. Dark Shadows got me through Junior High. I still watch the shows on video cassette and still love the show. I really like the Dark Shadows movies especially the one with Quentin, Angelique and Tracy{Kate Jackson}. I hope you, too have fond memories of the show. There are a million things I can say about the show but this is all I can think of. Dark Shadows is a show that will never die.

This is how I think Dark Shadows should have ended.

Victoria Winters and Jeff Collins came back from the past to live at Collinwood. Victoria found out that Elizabeth Stoddard was her mother and Carolyn was her sister. Victoria was happy to find out about this. She and Carolyn bonded and were as close as two sisters could be. Victoria and Jeff were married and had two children, a boy and a girl. Elizabeth was happy to have her both her daughters and grandchildren at Collinwood. Victoria's father was Sheriff Davenport. Elizabeth had Victoria in Boston and gave her up for adoption A decision that she regretted. Sheriff Davenport and Elizabeth were married and bonded with their grandchildren.

Carolyn married Tony Patterson but got divorced. Jeb Hawkes didn't die when he fell over the cliff. He had amnesia and came back to Collinwood and he and Carolyn remarried. They had a daughter Adriana. She was a handful. She was kicked out of two boarding schools, went to a public high school and graduated and went to college and became a Fashion Designer. She lives in Boston. Carolyn never forgot Chris Jennings who died when he was shot in his werewolf state by the police and he had killed his wife Sabrina when he was a werewolf. Carolyn mourned her best friend Sabrina and Chris, to. She bonded with Chris' sister Amy. Amy married David Collins and they own the local newspaper. They have no children.

Quentin Collins married Maggie Evans. They have a son Lawrence who is a lawyer. Maggie owns a Scrapbook Store in Collinsport. They live in a Victorian Mansion by Collinsport.

Barnabas married Angelique. They live at the Old House. They have a daughter Jeannie and a son Bastian. Bastian works as a Reporter for the Collinsport Banner and Jeannie has a shop that sells bath and healing products. She thinks of herself as a good witch. She lives in a cottage by the ocean and has several black cats.

Roger Collins married Dr. Hoffman. Hallie Stokes married Lawrence and she is a Historian.

I have a scrapbook of Dark Shadows of pictures that I collected out of 16 and Tiger Beat Magazines and I have eight by ten pictures of some of the 1992 Dark Shadows characters. I have autographed pictures of Lara Parker. I once got e-mails from Denise Nickerson who played Amy. I am a devoted fan.

I just added this. Enjoy!
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