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For a contest entry.
As the clock chimed midnight, the room plunged into a pitch black abyss. Screams of terror were heard for miles outside the royal ballroom. After a few minutes, when the screams had quieted, the lights flickered back on. Everyone looked around, taking in the disarray of the ballroom. Then it was realized, the prince was lying in a pool of dark red blood on the floor.
The queen came over and fainted when she saw her son on the floor, without the look of life in him. As she came to, a black figure was above her and she was in a room she didn’t remember. He had a veil covering his face, and whispered in a menacing voice, “I am death, I am your worst nightmare. The only way to redeem yourself is to mend your way of living. Be kind to others, if you are not I will come back to your house 365 nights from now to take you for good.” She woke up again, back at the party. She thought about what she had to do.

(Will be continued after the contest)
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