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A romantic intrest

Peggy is beyond words, but I must tell you about her. She's petite. Maybe,
Peggies 5'. She has black hair that's twice the size of her head. She's very
slender with a cute round tush. Her bosom is like to mangoes; very round
and firm.
I met Peggy in the mall. She's a security guard there. Well, she was
following me. So, I turned around and asked what was the matter. Peggy
explained that I was wearing nylons with my @ROUTE66 shorts and a
@PURITAN maowe shirt. It appeared suspicious to her. I smiled and so did
she. "Well these open toe heels are killing me." I explained smiling.
Peggy gave me a smack on my butt: "lose the pot!" "Hey! Don't touch!" I
jested. Listen, I was so excited when Peggy spanked me; it became very
obvious. The guys will get this perdicament. I couldn't lower the flag.
Peggy had this wicked smile on her ruby lips. "I'm on break, let me buy
you a @SMOOTHY." she asked. "Oooooooook." I neverously replied.
We sat at a table and Peggy moved her chair over beside mine. "Doesn't
the tummy tucker hold you down?" she whispered. "I cut out the croutch."
I whispered back. Peggy giggled. "I have to see you in them......nothing else."
she whispered. "OK." I was starting to feel a very strong pulse in my pants.
Peggy ran her tiny white hand over my belly and rested her hand on my
secrets. "Your ready to pop." she mused. "Cough! I don't want to stain my
shorts..." I could bearly hold on.+ "No undies?" she giggled. "Uh-huh."
I whispered.
Peggy begain to slide her hand about my secrets and inner thigh. I sucked
the last drop from my @SMOOTHY and made a very visalble stain in my
shorts. "Oh, it smells like taffy." she laughed. Reflexsively, I kissed Peggy.
Suckling her lower lip, I could taste cherry in her ruby lipstick. Sudenly,
the tip of Peggy's tongue was crossing my lips. She ran her tongue along my teeth
and over my tongue.. I pushed up with my tongue and pressed her's to the roof of my
mouth. She with drew it and smiled, "here's my phone number."
Peggy wrote it with a marker accross the stain on my shorts. My right hand was
rubbing the back of her slender neck. Then, I placed both hands on her bosom
and rub her nipples with my thumbs. "Get a room!" shouted a teenage couple
seated nearby. Peggy kissed the left side of my face, "call me." and walked
away... I was parked on the otherside of the mall. It was embarrassing to
walk through the lenth of the mall with my stain.+ But, I love Peggy.

Peace be with you.
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