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Written for Take My Phrase, Please contest - using word prompts


The road that we travel has twists and turns
and along that wintry road, everyone learns
that not everything is bathed in white light,
there is darkness and evil here in the night.

The troops did not ask to fight another war
but they love freedom and our country more.
They will stand up for their country and so,
they take that long road, and yes, they go.

Deep red is the blood that they have shed,
avenging the souls our enemies left dead.
We've given our all in war, some of our best;
the price of freedom is high, there is no rest.

Yet you would criticize, accuse and condemn
those who answer the call to fight once again,
I would ask that you remember the U.S.S. Cole,
or the men who said, in that plane, "Let's Roll"!

Remember the Twin Towers and how they fell,
leaving families bereft as we entered the hell
to save lives of those who were trapped inside;
those rescuers soon became America's pride.
Look at the genocide and bombings, if you will;
and you dare to criticize America's heroes still?
They see buddies killed, you show no regret
for what they did to us, how could you forget?

For you who condemn the treatment of men
who would kill without caring, again and again;
I have no good words to say; summer is gone;
and it's the road to winter my heart travels on..

Countrymom Salutes Our Troops!

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