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A poem of finding the truth within onself even when you don't know that you are lost.
Last night I could fly
fly in my dream
bound by the walls of memory's creed.

Taught to soar over
yet sometimes look down
for landing was easy
in this dream I'd found.

My coach was a person
whose face I don't know
but taught me to fly
to the places I go.

The take-off I learned
the last in my dream
for it was the most difficult
harder it seemed.

For landing was easy
as never before
but take-off meant memories
memories I'd soar.

I flew down to look
to see who I saw
but the eyes that stared back
had one little flaw.

For they were my own eyes
this stranger was me
the person I'd flown past
but just had to see.

But this time much different
than dreams of before
this time confronting
the stranger unsure.

Though starring right through me
with question in mind
The heart was much certain
of what it should find.

Rest assured
I did not stay
for the me that's most happy
had just flown away.

Looking back some
but mostly for me
knowing the past
and letting it be.

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