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Poem of a horror type.
Listen if you will to this somewhat scary tale,
And imagine it was you, lest you’re just too frail.
It happened long ago as many stories do.
But I tell you now believe, as it’s absolutely true.

I didn’t mean to do it on that night so long ago,
But my temper had the best of me and could not let her go!
She did the worst a gal could do and she knew I loved her so.
She lay down with another so her throat I wouldn’t let go!

Along they came and got me and put me in their prison,
And now it’s been so many years, it feels much like a dungeon.
Hammering on big rocks and making them into littler ones,
Everyday, day after day I can no longer count the tons!

Old doc he was getting along in years and softened up a spell,
He and I became quite good friends and he would never tell.
We hatched a plan to help me finally escape this rotten place,
And at last someone died in that dwelling of complete disgrace.

In the dark I’d come and in the coffin next to him,
Take us out and bury us, the guards care not a whim.
When the day was truly done, old Doc would surly come,
Dig me up and set me free, and off I’d run to home.

Not sure how long I’d been in there but the air was getting thin,
And I was near panic but managed to calm myself within.
I lit my lighter later and called out “Come on Doc!” make haste!”
I leaned over on my other side and I peered into Doc‘s face!


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