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An ode to cleverness in the hair care aisle.
I truly think marketing companies are getting smarter and smarter and I’ll tell you why; I recently felt I needed a change when it came to my shampoo & conditioner. Now I, like most people, care very much about my hair care and wanted to upgrade. Well, in my search for new and exciting, I came across something I found very amusing. One company has started putting trivia questions on their bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I must be honest and say at first I scoffed at this attempt to lure in unsuspecting hair washers. But after deciding to actually purchase the bottle of shampoo, and it’s partner, I changed my mind.

Question: Conditioner Bottle: In the 1800’s, what was considered a dirty word in England?
Answer: Shampoo Bottle: Pants

As I am concerned with many things British, I was suckered in by this question. I had to know the answer, even if it meant spending an extra $2.94. It was worth it. Quite smart though, if you think about it. I had to know the answer to a question that I probably could have found out via Google. But instead, I find myself spending a few extra bucks, as I don’t normally buy conditioner.

And, as if I hadn’t already proved myself to be totally swept away by this cleverness, the next day I catch myself standing in the shower, re-reading the trivia question, thinking; “I wonder if ‘when’ I buy a new bottle of shampoo, there will be a new question?” Well done Herbal Essence, another loyal customer.

Two thumbs up to the genius who thought of this clever ploy to get people to buy their product. Who knew trivia and recyclable plastic went so well together?
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