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My feelings on Christmas commercialism
To *Note5* look a lot
Like Christmas *Exclaim*
Unfortunately. *Sick* Stores
Can’t *Gift1* wait to get *Gift1* their
*Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*
*Dollar* Grimy paws on our money *Dollar*
So they *Note3* bring out the *Note1* decorations
Even *Star* before Halloween! *Exclaim* You can’t
Even buy *Dollar* a pumpkin *Note3* carving kit *Gift3* without
Seeing *Angry* a grotesque *Sick* parody of Saint *Kiss* Nick
Staring *Smirk* eerily at you *Note1* from somewhere near. *Smirk*
*Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*
I mean, *Note5* come on. *Exclaim* At LEAST *Exclaim* wait until *Gift4* the
*Heart* Halloween *Heart* decorations *Snow2* are fully up. *Angry* I remember
When *Bigsmile* I was little, *Paste* Stores didn’t *Note4* even put Christmas *Star*
*Snow3* Decorations *Yawn* out until the second *Exclaim* week in November *Shock*
My *Heart* mom told me *Flower5* when she was little, *Paste* no one even *Gift4* thought
*Question* About Christmas *Shock* until Thanksgiving was over! *Shock* Imagine that, *Heart*
*Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*
*Exclaim* A Halloween *Note3* and Thanksgiving *Heart* that wasn’t overshadowed by *Angry*
Commercialism. *Delight* Oh for the good old days! *Delight* Perhaps in my *Heart* kids *Heart*
*Star* Generation, things will change. *Question* I highly doubt this, though. *Worry* Anyway, *Exclaim*
*Heart* Merry Christmas, *Heart* and a very Happy New Year! *Balloon6* Now where are *Question* those
*Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*   *Snow1*
Of July

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