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This is an article describing just how we should really look at "tomorrow."
The Truth of Tomorrow

The truth of tomorrow comes from the light of today. What we do today influences everthing that will be there for us tomorrow. We may not even think of it this way but never-the-less this is so true. Why should we continue to be disappointed in and afraid of the future when we can actually control some of it by doing what we should do, in the first place?

I believe that God expects us to use the common sense that He gave us. We actually need to have a well rounded personality to even get by, not only in our own physical world but also in trying to live the way that we should to get into Heaven. Of course first of all, we must have the belief in Heaven as really being our home. And on top of that, we need to strive for it by learning and using all the important spiritual values that the church teaches us. What if we claim to be spiritual but don’t really go to church? Is that even possible?

The church, whichever one we may go to, is an important place for us because it gives us solace, healing and a good place to meet other Christians. We need all these things in our lives. By ourselves, it is much harder to stay motivated. Our Christian friends should always encourage and support us and hopefully, we all have the kind of friends who do.

What is the truth of tomorrow? Does it interfere with our living today? Will it mess up our memories of yesterday? Let’s take each one of these questions one at a time. Which question is the most important one?

Jesus was asked by Pilate, “What is truth?” And truth has always been hard to explain because people have so many different concepts of it. This has depended somewhat on who they were and where they lived and of course, when. I believe that since we are all individual and completely unique, that we each have our own truth. Of course, there is always God’s Truth. And we must all respect that Truth and God, Himself. We again, must each do that in our own unique way. He made us all different. You have to admit that God does like variety. Look at all the different things that He put into the world.

Here are a few basic rules that we should follow:
1. Respect Truth for what it is…just the very concept of it.
2. Respect other people’s truth and if they’re different, then respect that too.
3. We may not know the truth of tomorrow until it gets here. Jesus said” Today is sufficient for itself.” But just exactly what does that mean? I ‘ve thought about this a lot and I think that it means that we have enough problems in one day and we should be thinking about those…not even really worrying but contemplating what we should be doing to solve the day’s problems and how best to just live that day. Wait to worry about tomorrow…when it is tomorrow. Does that strike you as being right? Have you tried it, for any length of time?
4. Don’t let the worry of finding the truth tomorrow interfere with finding and enjoying it today. Today is always the most important because it is here now.
5. If we live today wise and lovingly, then there’s no way that it can mess up any of our past memories. We must learn to be more trusting…

God looks after us. We must try to remember that. He is always there, even in the most terrific bind or set of problems. Our world is one of confusion and doubt and sometimes mass confusion. So anything that we can do to keep ourselves close to God is just the thing we should do.

Every day is a new day and we should try to see it that way. This attitude can keep us from getting into any kind of depression. Depression is a serious deprivation of our personal energy. We must be careful to preserve all our personal energy. Each new day brings us a new start.

Written by Anita Thomas
Copyright 2006

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