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This is an inspirational article written about what we may believe in perhaps why?
Does It Matter What we believe in?

God…with some people He is popular and with some, He is not. Some don’t know how to really know Him and some don’t really want to. He is different for everybody.

Some religions have attempted to reduce Him to their concepts in an attempt to understand Him. This doesn’t work either. He Is… Who He Is, just as We Are…Who We Are. We both exist and this is just the way it is.

Our relationship with God I believe is very personal because the feelings we have, come from the soul and the basic soul feeling is love. What we happen to call Him is not as important as the Essence He Is and we must let Him be Who and What He Is. This is His right.

We can picture Him as God the Creator…or God the Father. These are things that comfort us. We can worship Him or love Him. I believe He’d rather see the love.

When we love someone, is it loving God too? I think so. When we accept someone else’s love, is it accepting God’s love too? They are part of Him, so it must be.

Love is everything…God is every thing…and everything created is part of Him. So it’s like we’re drifting in the energies of Love, bound to everything and everyone around us. Adhesive energy holds us together and Creation as well.

We are finding out new things everyday about the depth and breadth of who we are. As Individuals these objective discoveries may not mean as much, as what we discover personally about ourselves.

We need to experience Life at this very personal level but we can only do it through love. If we try to experience it any other way, we will get caught up in confusion, hate and anger.

There are so many negative emotions to assault us and they are living moving energies. People sometimes, don’t realize just how mobile they are and we face them, taking in their energies all the time…sometimes actually not really seeing what they are doing to us and sometimes actually not even caring.

God is a composite of all energy. You might think about this. We may see positive and negative…good and bad…but it’s not this simple. The complexity of it is beyond our common understanding. We may see only pieces of the puzzle but if this inspires us to go on then we must treasure even the pieces.

What we experience, we become. If we try to live more in love, we will begin to do it and as we grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we will manage to appreciate it more and feel it even more intensely.

Noble and ordinary things…should we talk of noble things…of really important things? Who decides what is important anyway? What do we get caught up in the most? Usually it’s what happens every day. We just want to get through the day. We’re usually too tired to do anything else. But think about an average day. Are you usually satisfied at the end of the day? Do you sometimes wonder if there’s anything more?

What is there to look forward to? Old Age? Wisdom ? Grace? Old age usually brings us pain…Wisdom brings us Peace but we usually don’t have it, until we’re too old to enjoy it. Grace? What is that anyway?

So let’s talk of ordinary things. They are what usually concern us, because we’re always in the middle of them. No matter how we try, we can’t seem to be able to get ahead; so we must enjoy life in the middle of this chaos or take a chance that we won’t get to enjoy it at all. There’s always something keeping us behind the eight ball. We never seem to win. All the odds are against us. But still we go on. Why?

Maybe we have a vision…maybe we’re just stubborn…or in the worst-case scenario, it’s because we have no choice. But whatever the reason, we do go on. Should we be considered heroes for that? In some cases, yes!

You can see courage and bravery every day. We don’t give each other enough credit and some of us never look at our self at all but let’s face the facts, we never know how much time we actually have. That’s assuming that we have something that we actually want to do.

But what is there to do? Change the world? Change yourself? The world is bigger physically than we are. So what’s left? We must use our mental abilities to bring the future to us. That may mean changing our own concepts.

We may be a primitive species but I don’t think so. We can think…we can talk…we can communicate in so many ways. What’s to stop us now? Only ourselves.

If I’m here and you’re there, it doesn’t matter. As long as we can make the mental connection, then we are joined in unity. Is that connection worth anything? To some of us, it is very important. To others it may seem non-existent but the connections are growing as many of you see the value of it, in your lives.

I am not here to tell you what to believe in. I would never do that. I believe in personal freedom too much and I am a person who practices what she preaches. I would never ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do. All I will ever ask of you is an open mind and enough will power to try and be your own person. This is what it’s all about. Who am I? Who are you? This is for each of us to discover. That’s why we’re communicating isn’t it?

Even if we’re just curious about each other, it is enough to keep us talking to one another. We may find out some very interesting things. Who knows what’s going to come up in our personal conversations? They’re not really pre planned.

Ask me anything you want to within reason of course. I certainly don’t know everything, just some things. I also have a lot of things that I’d like to ask you. I hope that we can talk again, really soon. Peace and love...Anita

Written by Anita Thomas
Copyright 2006

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