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for the exactly 100-words contest, a Christmas fantasy
         Eightyfive degrees, sunshine, December twentyfourth, Bah, Humbug!
         Then, outside, from the noisy United Parcel Service truck, she descends, her shirt streched tight against plump, round full beasts, shorts barely grazing past dumpling clefts of flesh.
Red-and-green patterned socks are squashed into tightly-laced hiking boots covering trim ankles. So, this is Christmas in Florida! Who needs snow?*Snow1**Snow2**Snow3*
          Ding-dong, doorbell rings!
          A jaunty elves hat perched atop brunette curls, beneath, bright smiling parted pink lips saying "Happy Holidays, want your package? I've got forty seconds. What can Brown do for you?". *Gift1**Gift2**Gift3*
         Thanks, Santa. God bless us all, everyone!

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a winter siggie

Published in the December 2006 on-line issue of Brilliant!--an e-zine dedicated to flash fiction. Check it out! http://kristen-bailey.com/brilliant
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