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A poem about a personal gift to myself.
There it was, nestled between all the others
But this one was special because of all it harbored
All the secrets, feelings and questions of my mind
Easily accessible with just one book from my shrine
I had so many things to say and noone to tell
That's when I received this gift from who else but
With every page I filled the relief was strong
And with every passing day life went on
My gift became my best friend
Even after I got to the last page I knew it would
never end
After a while I bought myself a new gift
It was just like the first, it never told a soul
It never showed the secrets, feelings or questions it
might behold
But enough of that let me discribe the old
Red velvet and a ice cold line of blue
Thats why I named it my diary part 2
You see I'm living part 1 if your wondering, that goes
on forever
Part 2 is done and part3 is in the works
Now that this poem/story is over
I'm done explaining this small supernova.
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