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by Rich
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Be kind to strangers, you never know when you will entertain an angel unawares.
The morning sun shined through the front door as John stood looking out at a young man laying on the doormat covered lightly with snow. Opening the door, John woke the young man, helping him to his feet.

“Come inside and have some tea before you catch your death of cold,” he said as he lead the young man to the kitchen.

“Thank You, Sir,” the young man said when John handed him the steaming mug.

As they sat drinking the hot sweet brew the young man explained in answer to John’s question that he had taken shelter from the snow storm on the porch.

“Must have dozed off. I’m sorry to have troubled you, “ the young man answered.

“No trouble at all!” John answered. “How far do you have left to go?” he inquired as he cleaned up the mugs.

“Only to the next town, “ the young man answered. “ I can walk there in a few hours.”

John shook his head. “It is entirely too cold for you to be walking. I will call you a cab to get you home.”

They sat talking until the cab arrived, and as they walked out onto the porch John handed him a hundred dollar bill. “Merry Christmas young man, “ he said simply. The young man thanked him and climbed into the cab.

Going back to the living room, John sat down to read his cards. On top was one that he didn’t remember seeing. It was addressed simply “To John”. Puzzled he opened the envelope. The card was plain white with the words Thank You on the front in gold. Inside he found the hundred dollar bill.

Had he went to look, the snow on his porch and walkway was perfect and untouched.
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