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by Keiran
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Somthing I wrote in a rough patch
Light and Dark, Black and White.

Far as long as I can remember
There have always been two forces
Light and Dark
Black and White
Never as equals,
But neither able to destroy the other.
One always overlapping the other.
Constantly in conflict, causing the nightmares,
Which stave off sleep every night.
I once feared the dark taking over once again
Once more causing pain to the ones a care about.
But no longer.
A new fear emerges.
I feel it happening,
Deep down in my heart and mind.
The line is blurring
My life is changing
Black and White are mixing
Creating the shade of gray.
No longer can I tell,
Were one starts and the other begins.
This should be a good thing.
But terrifies me still.
What will I become?
It has always been the same,
Light and Dark
Black and White
Always fighting
This is who I am.
Who will I be?
When all that’s left is gray?
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