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On December 11, 2006, three more Marines paid the ultimate sacrifice..


Dedicated to Our Marines

December eleventh, Christmas fast approaching.
It didn't seem like Christmas, the desert scenes
were something we have to deal with everyday
while home and family were restricted to dreams.

Still we were okay, and our spirits were high,
letters from home mean an awful lot to us here.
Some posed for a picture to send back home,
sporting Santa hats and grins from ear to ear.

The mission today was to track IEDs and defuse
the danger that could mean life or death to all.
We knew what to do and we started out the day,
never thinking it would be our last, one final call.

The Humvee was moving, we never had a chance
to save ourselves as the explosion ripped through.
We were gone in a heartbeat, pain never so great
as that felt by our buddies, the proud and the true.

In South Carolina, Arizona and Iowa news came
that their loved ones were gone, the families grieve.
Tears don't bring them back and still they carry on;
It didn't seem like Christmas, just so hard to believe.

We honor our dead, and in memory they'll stay -
forever young, they will be remembered and missed
by mothers and fathers, wives and the children...
Three more Marines, just how long is that list?

Prayers for the fallen, hope for those who live on;
forever in my heart the sacrifice they have made
will spur me onward to challenge yet another day
and always remember the price they have paid.

Our troops deserve our support and our faith
that the war will end, for the Marines do or die
to let us live in a land that where freedom exists,
for they are MARINES - God bless and Semper Fi -

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