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For our troops are welcomed, along with letters and cards - anytime of the year!


I've been sitting here wondering what I could do
for men and women who serve the red, white and blue;
I've been sending care packages with goodies and such,
in the hopes that some lives maybe I'd touch.

Then a bright flash of light as a light bulb appeared
over my head (now that may sound a bit weird!) -
I'll write a poem in the hopes that you'd look
and maybe send them a DVD or a good book.

They are starting a squadron library, I was told,
for the troops coming in and for those who are old,
some on their way home but looking ahead
to the lonely hours that every soldier will dread.

Letters and cards no matter what the season
are welcomed by the troops, gives them a reason
to smile for a bit, and perhaps add some cheer
to an otherwise empty day of living in fear.

It's important to let each one know that we care
about the time that they are serving over there;
Take a little time and send a package or card -
It will make you feel good, it's not so very hard!

If you need an address, I have one or two -
and I would be happy to share them with you.
Americans pull together when called upon,
and fly freedom's flag as our troops carry on.

Write that letter today, send a card or a box
of Trail Mix, beef jerky (they like that lots!)
Send a book and a smile, encourage the win
and welcome the chance to serve once again!

They will remember and send you their thanks
as they hunt IED's and rev up those tanks -
They shoulder our freedom and do it so well,
won't you give them some rest from the hell?

The light bulb has dimmed, I've run out of word,
but I'm hoping you read this and you've heard
the plea that I'm making in this little rhyme;
it only will take you a pittance of time.



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