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Waking up with no memory.

He was groggy and had a sharp pain behind his left eye. He stumble out of
bed to the bathroom, searching the medicine cabinate for asprin... There was
a bottle of @Alcaselzer. Desperately fumbling with the cap, he took a tablet
and the santised wrapped plastic cup......beside the sink.
The stuble on his face inched as he plashed water into his sweaty brow.
There were pink fuzzy bunny ears on his head...What could this mean?
The man looked down at his feet; he was wearing black thigh high nylons
and a pink bunny suit with white fluffy tail.The bunny suit was lycra and crotchless.
He could see right threw the suit to his belly button.
"Am I gay?" he thought.+ Shuffling out the bathroom in the livingroom it
became obvious he was in a penthouse...."I've got money?"
Bing-Bong! The man twisted his head quickly with a pop towards the entry:
"Cops?" he mummble. Bing-Bong! Striding quickly to the bathroom he
snatched a bathrobe and stuffed the bunny ears in his pocket...
"What is it?" he asked pearing out the peephole... but there was no one in
sight.... "Room services." it was a Ladies voice.
"?" Inexplicably, the door swung open, the man hid behind the door...
.. Squeek, squeek, squeek. The carts wheels clawed at his ears.
"Your duck sir, and white zinferdel." She wore a maids uniform with strap-up
garder stockings and a black mini, which revealed her tiny firm tushy.
She was not wearing panties....... She placed a radio on the dinning table
and begain a slow dance to Nat Kingcole: Paper Moon.
He shut the door reflexsively: "I'm not gay." "I can see that you've got a crane
ready." she smiled pushing the tip of her tongue between her glisening lips.
She moved gracefully into position: her shoulders were a little above his hips.
"I loved Apocolypo..." she whispered. "?!!! I'm Mel Gibson?!" The maid giggled.
"Ah-ah-ah, just a minute!" Mel studdered... He quickly put his robe on and guided
the maid to bedroom...... "It's your publisher!" Bing-Bong!..... Mel opened the
door ******* "Drinking?!" ******* "I'm not certain....it could be those pain killers
you got me." Mel replyed meekly.... "Ooooooook, here's the first draft to your
biography....Zinferdel?" "Complamentary." Mel was getting upset.......
"Jesus, mel....wake up." the publisher drop the draft
at Mels nylon feet....
"Oooooooo I found some heels for the bunny." the ladie reapeared with heels
in hand and shirt off.... "Your wife says the kids are fine.+" the publisher
sneared.....and winked with his right eye, then exited with a slam of the door.
Mel turned to the maid(garder stockings with lace belt in high heels).......
"Well, lets dance." Mel dropped his robe and put on his heels and bunny ears.
"May, I call you Mary?" Mel queried... "Anything you want tiger."

Short film concept
Muzzy production.
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