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Who do you blame when a secret is not longer a secret?

                                       A secret forged with someone true
                                       Is less than a secret known only to you.
                                       Keep your secrets all untold
                                       Until you've gotten very old.

                                       For a secret shared with even one
                                       May someday be kept from truly none.
                                       And a secret shared with two or more
                                       Won't be a secret anymore.

                                       When one man finds out others have heard,
                                       He thinks you won't know who spread the word.
                                       Your secret will be taken to the wind,
                                       Around the world and back again.

                                       And when your secret comes back to you,
                                       A little different and misconstrued,
                                       You'll want to know, "Who set it free?"
                                       "How could a friend do that to me?"

                                       Don't look far for one to blame,
                                       It is you who wears the shame.
                                       'Cause you're the one who misjudged the friend
                                       Who brought this secret to its end.

---Sandra Hookham
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