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by KimChi
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A melodic stew of magical ingredients, fresh from Four Quarters farm.
When the elders gather close to the warmth of the fire
and the young ones cuddle at their knees
and our voices light the night with their passion and their strength
and with drums our chants are carried on the breeze...

We have come here to reclaim, and to learn, the ancient ways
and in circle we shall harvest all we need.
As our energies sink down to heal the womb of Mother Earth...
we hear the people sing "I'm free, I'm free, I'm free!"

We are spinning our universe
We are weaving true family
We are creating our future
We're building Pagan community. (Pagan community)

When the Sun God smiles brightly in the noontime of the day
and His warmth rains kisses on our skin
and the cool water births us, and rejuvenates our souls....
Yes, together we're restoring our within.

We have come to drink of knowledge, and the language of the stars
and our future's flowing brightly from our dreams.
As our blessings ripple out to heal the ones who need it most...
the negativities release, release, release.


When the Mother pours her love around to bless us as we dance
and Her shimmering face beams prisms through the trees
then the angry man is filled with joy, embracing everyone....
Yes, the weeping of the children shall all cease.

We have come in perfect love and trust to build a family:
"all acts of love, all acts of pleasure" honor Thee.
As our limbs entwine in ecstasy, the sacred dance we weave....
May all the peoples live in peace, in peace, in peace.


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