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Written for a contest. Story of a woman ending a bad relationship.
It had been going on for years. I had put up with it for one reason: my children. They were grown and gone now, and my only excuse for staying had gone with them. He used the same tired lines every time. It won’t happen again, you bring this on yourself, I’m sorry baby. I knew them all by now.

Mental or physical, they both came down to one thing. Abuse. I had reached my limit and made my decision. When I heard his truck in the driveway I knew it was now or never.

I checked my appearance in the mirror one last time. Everything had to be perfect for this final act in the charade that was our marriage. Happy with the way my hair flowed and how the dress clung, I headed downstairs.

“Hey baby. You’re lookin’ good tonight.” He grinned in that disgusting way he had. “Something special planned for your man?”

I smiled. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Come on upstairs with me.”

His grin widened. “Now you’re talking sweetheart. Get moving.” He shoved me to make sure I followed orders. I just kept smiling. I knew that if I could hold on a bit longer everything would be okay.

I started up the stairs ahead of him. My smile was still in place. He had no idea what he was up against this time. His demure wife no longer existed. Now I was ready to fight back.

“I’ll turn on the shower for you. While you’re in, I’ll get your slippers and turn down the bed. Then everything will be perfect for us when you’re done.” I headed into the bathroom and turned on the taps.

“Sounds good baby. See you in ten.” He stepped into the shower and I stepped into our adjoining bedroom.

It had to be now. I was calm, just like I always knew I would be. I had meticulously planned this moment for years. It had played out in my head so many times I knew exactly what came next. I walked slowly to my bedside table. I wanted to savor every moment. I opened the drawer slowly and stared at the gun inside. It was so beautiful. It was my salvation. Carefully I picked it up. It’s weight felt right in my hands. I almost wept for joy. Relief was in sight from the dark pit that was my life.

Waiting quietly in the bedroom, I heard him turn the taps off. That was my cue. I held my head up high and walked in the bathroom door.

He was drying his face when he looked up and saw the gun. He looked from the gun to my face and then back again.

“Babe? What’s going on? What do you think you’re doing?”

“What I should have done long ago.” My hands were steady as I pointed the gun at his head. “You know you deserve this.”

“You don’t have the guts. You never did. Just give me the gun you moron.” He held out his hand.

The world stood still. Time stopped. He stared at me with pleading eyes. I felt nothing for him except loathing and disgust. The time was now. I pulled the trigger. The bullet seemed to float through the air slowly. I watched his terrified expression as the round drew nearer and nearer. It hit him square between the eyes and he fell back into the shower.

It was over. Time started once more. I turned and walked away. By the door I grabbed by duffel bag. Without giving another thought to what I left behind, I closed the door and walked away.

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