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It is a draft stage. The President of Iraq is hanged. Was it right?
While, in the Hajj this year, over three million people stood on the mount Arafat pleading before Allah on the eve of Idd, George Bush, the President of America presented a novel gift to the Muslims celebrating the ‘festival of sacrifice’. His puppet court in Iraq lynched Saddam Hussein.

It was perhaps, the first time in history that the hanging of a human being was beamed by television worldwide. It was sickening telecast. But, a people rejoiced. The ill-informed American public was one among them. To them it was punishment vetted to a criminal by a court of justice. Alas! Unaware are they of the unfair trial. During the days of his trial his defense lawyer was killed. Many times his lawyers were told simply to shut up. Their defense was not heard. The contention that his torturing and killing148 people was a war crime was not proved. The history is proof that those people whom he ordered to be killed were traitors during the war with Iran. How do you think US would treat its traitors? Garland them? Any country of the civilized world will certainly take the traitors to gallows and Iraq was no exception. Even the trail of those people ran for over three years and was more fair. As for the gassing of Kurds is concerned the available evidence is contrary to the claim. Saddam had in his possession Mustard gas (supplied by US) and the cause of the death of those Kurds was due to another agent which was owned by Iran.

But the US public does not care. None of the reasons that George Bush stated for going for war with Iraq viz., possession of chemical/biological/nuclear weapons of mass destruction or nexus between Saddam and Bin Laden proved right. All were lies. Still the US public continues to trust its President. Even after losing 3000 of its soldiers after their President proudly stated “mission accomplished”, the US public unfortunately slumbers and celebrates the trophy of Saddam’s head.

Another people who rejoice are Shias of Iran and Iraq assuming that their enemy is dead. But unfortunately the original and bigger enemy – the US is now at their doorsteps. It is not enough to display placards stating “Death to US” or to burn effigy of George Bush. In fact such acts boomerang. When the TV in US shows crowds burning effigy of their President or placard displaying “Death to US” the public of US thinks that these people are terrorists. It goes to strengthen their beliefs that War against Terror initiated by George Bush is in fact a just one.

However, there is one people who are justified in rejoicing – they are the citizens of the illegal state of Israel. Their enemy is now dead. They seem to have won their proxy war without losing a cent or life. The person who spoke for the Palestine cause is now gone. Saddam Hussein is now dead. The very people who propped and developed him as dictator and armed him in his battles, sent him to gallows. The question that we ask now is who is next as this crusade continues.
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