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a dark place, raw emotion, finding my way to light *revised* pt 4 of the series
Why did I ask, did I really want to know
I know I needed to, but it was such a blow
A part of me truly hoped that he'd be
Able to jump the hurdles to be with me
But I was wrong, and it hurts so much
And yet,  I still long to feel his touch
I can’t imagine my life without him there
But this heartache's nearly too much to bear
I’ve cried so many tears, now my eyes are dry
And I am still hurting, and wondering why
I knew going in it was a really long shot
But I kept asking myself, "Hey, why not?"
Maybe he would fall in love with me
But love is not always enough, sadly
Although we were singularly happy together
It seems it was not meant to be forever
At least not in a romantic way
And I am waiting for the day
The hurt subsides and the healing starts
A friendship forged from broken hearts
Who really knows what the future will bring
Someday my heart will remember to sing
For now I am comforted that I have, in the end
Someone I feel I can call my best friend
I love him more than words can say
And I look forward to the day
That I feel his arms in a warm embrace
And the brush of his fingertips on my face
To see his twinkling eyes when he smiles
It makes the distance, the many miles
Slightly more tolerable, as my heart mends
At the very least we are still close friends
His happiness is what matters most
And I can learn to live with the ghost
That reminds me of what might have been
If he'd called me lover, and not just friend
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