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children's poem---a rare blue tree frog was found in Corkscrew Swamp
Love in BLUE

I'm a lady tree frog
tangled up in blue.
My DNA is scrambled,
that explains my hue.

My missing yellow pigments
color me ultramarine.
I'm no longer camoflaged,
but at a distance can be seen.

They captured and sealed me
in a terrarium tight
and displayed me at the nature center
for five long days and nights.

Enraged *Angry* environmentalists wrote letters
signed and delivered.
Their eloquent pleadings of my plight
set many hearts *Heart* a-quiver

Back into the CorkScrew Swamp
I was then set free.
This is home and freedom,
don't shed a tear
for me.*Cry*

Just like normal green tree frogs,
it's now love*Heart* I'm looking for.
A turquoise, teal, or azure prince
I can kiss for ever more. *Blush*

Author's note: In January 2006 a rare female blue tree frog was discovered in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, FL.


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