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in case anyone cares about my messed up life, i sent him a letter
So, everyone who actually cares and actually reads my work, which is nice...

The guy I like... I sent him a letter. He already knew I liked him because my friend told him. Then he ignored me for a while, which is kind of sad, considering we used to at least be sort of friends.

But now he just goes back and forth. Sometimes he's nice, sometimes he isn't. He always has that "I'll talk to you when I feel like it" attitude, but I guess I got tired of waiting. I guess I just couldn't take it anymore. What I did was big by my standards. I may seem confident and outward bound, if that makes any sense whatsoever. But inside, I'm really not. I'm really not a confident person.

But I did it. I worked up my courage and I wrote up that dumb letter and I sent it to him online. It was all about how I was tired of his attitude and how I wished he would treat me better. How we should still be friends, forgive and forget the whole ordeal from before.

He sent me a letter back. There it is, sitting in my inbox. There it is, his response.

Should I open it? I should.

But I won't. I'm too afraid to see what he wrote back. I want to open it, but my own stupid lack of self-confidence won't let me.

I'm a coward.
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