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An angel recounts what starts her latest reincarnation,and the love that keeps her going.
**(This is the intro to a story I would like to try to start. Any advice is greatly apprecaited. Thx)**

I slowly opened my eyes and became aware of all that was going on. Looking around I discovered more of my fellow companions were leaving. I guess it was time for them to take on another mission. It was then and there I knew that it was time for me, whether or not the powers that be approved. Quietly sitting up and stretching, a sudden feeling of sadness hit me. I always hated this, upon exiting any sort of relaxing mediation the world would come crashing down on my heart. Getting away was easy; coming back to reality was the hard part.

Walking around, stretching some more I felt my wings expand. Having the few sets that I did never made it easy to just stretch one or two of my wings. Even as old as I was I still had issues mastering the simply things. Not everyone is gifted to be patient. More of the world pressed upon me. In all honesty I would rather slip to a different realm and not deal with this, but being who I am means you can’t walk away from your responsibilities.

I needed to reflect upon the past thoughts I had been entertaining. It was necessary to do this before I even dared approach the higher ups. If I were not completely clear and organized in the emotions and thoughts there would be no leaving any time soon. I found an empty cloud to land on and think over what all had been swirling around in me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a few falling down, getting ready to take on a host body. I hated the thought of the pain they would endure and yet deep with in me I knew I needed to go too. I can’t just stay up here and let fate dish out what was in its hand. I had to offer what I had, what I am meant to do. Slowly my thoughts slipped past just that, to him. The one thing that no matter how many lives I have taken on, no matter how many places I have touched, I could never get him.

One thing that has been drilled into me is that being my level, my status I can’t just go and mess with just anyone. But there was something about him. The first time I layed my eyes on him, something moved in me. I have my soul mate, my other half or as some say my twin. But he did something to me that not even my twin could awake. It was like I had know this entity all my existence and yet even longer then that. Some might say its because he has all this darkness in him, this evil nature that only drags down those that follow it. Yet I can see the goodness in him, the lighter side to his actions. We are not much different. He protects the balance and I protect the creatures in that balance. I guess I love him. Which is absolutely ironic, I mean who honestly has heard of an angel falling for fury. A creature that is a mixture of all that is, and me being as I am.

Over the centuries I have been able to pick up on him more. I don't know if he can feel me or even remembers the many times we have graced each other with our presence. Every time I find him it seems that either fate or my own mission has gotten in the way. All I knew is this time, I will be with him. I will have him by my side, there has to be a chance for me to prove it can work.

“Serena, you seem deep in thought darling. Care to share some of those with me?”

Looking up and clearing my mind I saw it was only Trinity. My twin, who never seems to be far from me on this realm. “Sorry their just thinking about all that is going on down there. I really think its time again, even though I have not been back long.”

“Dear do you really think they will ok it? I mean last time you came back so broken down. We all have lessons we have to learn and missions to take on and people to save. But don’t you think you need more time to rest? Even now you have a hard time staying focused with out taking many breaks.” Trinity began to stoop down and fold his wings back. He looked deep into my eyes, probing the many thoughts I had in me. “ It’s also him again isn’t it? He has already reincarnated and started again. You know they wont place you near him not after you turned him away willingly.” With a sigh trinity took my hand and began to embrace me. Giving me some peace that only he can.

“ I know, I felt him leave. I have to go back, look at the numbers were sending down. I mean it’s not even just us anymore that are going down. So many more of the kinds are going down there. I don’t think there will many more chances to reincarnate there. I know there will be other places with the issues they have, but LOOK. There is so much potential for them. The human race is not bad, just so confused. If only I could show them..” I began to choke up as the tears fell from my face.

“ Serena, let it go for a moment. I know you feel it more then I do anymore, but let that world go for a moment. I don’t mean to harm you with this but your weak. You have not gained enough strength to endure all that you are supposed to do yet. If you go there is a bigger chance you will fall. I do not want to lose you. There have been to many that have lost their twins due to falling. I have heard that pain is far worse then the pain of those humans or anything they endure. I care for you and I love you. But I also know that you truly love him more then you love me.” Looking into my eyes I could feel him reading me.. “Serena.. Do you really think they will let him in? Honestly, be real here. Look I need to go, one of my charges is calling for me. I will be back. Promise not to leave with out saying goodbye first”

And with that he kissed me on the check and flew off. The only down side to having a twin is that connection. When you depart there is always a sadness that flows through me. But at times when I have compared what I feel for trinity to what other twins feel.. I wonder am I really his other side? Thoughts clouded my vision again. I knew falling is not an option. I will not fall from grace. I have so many important tasks, yet I knew I was tired and still dragging from the last life I had lived. The pain was still fresh of the “fall” down there. The wind rushing around you, the darkness consuming, your mind loosing all memories and emotions. Only if you had it engraved into your heart are you ever luck to remember it all. Did I want to go through all that again? The pain of living on that earth, walking with them? Yes, I did want to. Even if only to save him. To bring him back the chances he might have lost. To finally have him by my side, where ultimately I felt he belonged.
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