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Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of Indian architecture.
According to VAstu, there are five basic elements in the whole world.  LThey are the Edarth,Water,Air,Fire and Sky.  Vastu is a science of balancing these elements in the proper proportions for harmony.  Vasthu stands in Earth,Earth depends on water.water is balanced by Ani,Agni is controlled by air,Air movements is possible in Akasha(sky),similarly purusha-living beings.  The body depends the water.Contents in the body balanced by the Ani.Ani heat is controlled by the air,breathing which is possible only if we are having space inside the human body vastu for all.  We are enveloped by a series of environmental hazards in our day to day life which leads us to endless physical and mental disorders.  Harmony with the enviornment ,peace for the spirit and health for the human being are the criteria for healthy homes.  these have deep roots in the human experience and in traditions of home building according to the cultures across the world.  It is trational: the vastu is based on the influence of the sun and earth magnetic fields on the living beings on earth.  The sun is the life giving and life sustaining force.  Sun, lthe electrical lenergy,dead material of the universe becomes endowed with sufficient.energy to form living matter,vastu reads the characterisics of a house and explains it effects on the residents in a scientific manner, we can surely count the other sciences.
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