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God alone supplies us with our greatest need - eternal life.
Give me to Drink

They met at Sychar near Joseph’s well
The Samaritan woman and Prince Emanuel
He asked for drawn water, she was surprised
That this Jewish man will speak to her kind
Why ask me for water sir, are so blind?
I am a Samaritan and you an Israelite!

If you knew God’s gift-who said give me to drink,
you would have asked of Him who delights to give.
Living water my child the most precious thing.
Sir you have nothing to draw the well is deep.
Where you get that kind of water I just can’t see
Are you greater than Jacob who gave us this well?

Whoever drinks from Jacobs well will surely thirst again
But the water I give to you my child will be a living well
If you drink my water, your thirst will quench forever
With everlasting life and peace that flows like a river
Give me this water so I will never thirst again my Friend.
Please give me this water of life, to share again and again.

Nylsaj Nomis
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