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Study of the after life.
November 19, 1988

An interview with my uncle
Fr. Bob.

Muzzy: What happens in Heaven?
Fr. Bob: Time is a measurement of change,
            Heaven is changeless.
Muzzy: So...Nothing happens in Heaven?
Fr. Bob: It is a place where the Glory of God Is present.
Muzzy: Can we experience the Glory of God now?
Fr. Bob: Only through prayer can we understand the eternal peace.
            But, the world is in chaos and we are fragile creatures.
Muzzy: I'm happy playing with my dog. Can my dog come with me
            to Heaven?
Fr. Bob: Dogs have simple spirits and cannot survive outside the body.
            Only we possess immortal spirits and can live forever.
Muzzy: Can we play in Heaven?
Fr. Bob: Heaven is for the Glory of God....We were created for God.
            You should read Augustine: the essence of beauty.
Muzzy: Why do we have free will; if God made us for his Glory?
Fr. Bob: God has no need for puppets.. He wants willing worshipers.+
Muzzy: Like Jesus?
Fr. Bob: We are Christian.
Muzzy: Jesus said we are all sons and daughters of God.......
            Am I a God?
Fr. Bob: We were created in the image of God....Jesus is God.
            Remember the Trinity: God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.
Muzzy: How can we be certain, who is God?
Fr. Bob: Do you question the existence of God?
Muzzy: How can I know God?
Fr. Bob: Do you believe the Gospels?
Muzzy: How can I be certain they are true?
Fr. Bob: Are you a Christian?
Muzzy: How do I decide?
Fr. Bob: Did the Apostles lie? Why would they suffer for such a lie?
Muzzy: To give the people hope.
Fr. Bob: You should not attend Mass, until you are certain you are Christian.
Muzzy: I don't think you answered my question....Is faith enough?
Fr. Bob: Without faith we are lost.

Fr. Bob was the editor of The Wanderer
a Catholic apologetic magazine.

Is faith wishful thinking(Heb.11:1)?
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