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a story with essence and that will seem so familiar.
                A Fresh New Start(fragment)

Jesse brought her best friend and her mother to tell them that she had enough of their attitude. She couldn't take it anymore. She brings them into the living room and asks them to sit on the couch so she can stand right in front of them and catch their full attention. She needs this so bad. She asks them not to say a word until she has finished what she wanted to say.

"Eventually you will realize how much pain this is causing me. How can you, Mum,  tell me I'm wrong when this is how I want to live my life: I love my boyfriend, I want to move out of the house, because I feel I'm old enough to take care of myself, I'm almost 19 and I can't live with you forever. I feel the need to talk to someone who can advise me in this, I need him close to me, I need your understanding. How can you forbid me to live this life when i assured you that I won't do anything to hurt myself, I proved that a million times or even more, but I see that you are surely doing a well job in  forgetting about that and about how I am able to live my life, aren't you. I have always done what, how and when you told me. EVERYTHING! You are just causing me so much pain. Why, on Earth, do you scream at me so much?"

She then looks at Amy, her high school friend and a tear comes down her face.

"And you, the stupid kid who is my age and thinks she knows everything about me and about my life and believes she has so much life experience that you are the perfect person to advise me. I don't need your crappy advice on how to live my own life. You don't even know how to live your own life, you spoiled, little brat! Whenever I need someone close to me you simply run away, you don't care, but when you have a problem I have to be there to take care of you, or even to take care of your problems. You don't even care about my needs, do you...Why do I even bother with you two?...I'm moving out, Mum that's what i wanted to tell you. I just packed my bags and I'm moving for a while to Jack's place and after that we will go work in New York. I got a job there as an actress in a movie and Jack is going to continue his job there at another magazine as an editor. So, I'm going to do just fine. And you, my darling Amy, I don't want to hear from you ever again. I'm sick of you and of your stupidity. You act like a bitch and you are always wondering why people treat you like that. I am out of here!"

She takes her baggage and Squeak, her dog, and leaves.Jack was waiting in the car, outside of her house. Her Mum and Amy run after her, begging for forgiveness, but Erin just puts Squeak and her baggage on the back bench and gets in the front seat. They knock on the car window asking her to come back in the house and to talk this over, but she is too sick of everything. She needs her freedom. The car leaves and she just looks at them and raises her arm to wave for a second, then she turns her head to the road.

She left her past behind and hopes for the best. She is thinking of coming back one day and visiting, but she will never forget this. Time will heal these wounds, even though they are so deep for her. Jack kisses her and promises that things will be better now. They have each other now.

                                                THE END
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