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Two villages. Two sisters. One destiny.
Life and Death

Neither of them knew what was going to happen. As children they were foolish, but happy. For a few mere years they were together as sisters; after that they both lived alone, separated an in different places.

Kisa and Reya, both elves from a single village named Omahi, were split up as children when Reya was taken to the neighbouring village of Iyero, for reasons unknown to them both. Unfortunately they never saw each other again, sworn to be apart from then on.

Kisa was a bright young girl, and rather pretty too. She had amber eyes and short, light brown hair. Reya was beautiful, but not as intelligent as her sister. This she made up for with her knowledge of using a dagger- as well as being good with a staff.

Iyero and Omahi were worst enemies. Unbeknownst to the sisters, the two villages were constantly fighting with each other, and day after things seemingly got worse. Little did these two young girls know that one day this would change their lives forever...

Author's Note: Okay, this is just the basic plot sort of thing for this. The introduction, if you wish =) Thanks for reading!
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