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Have you ever just wanted to dance and not stop? I have.
When you first become aware of the world around you and of the faith inside of you the two often do not jive. They are like two out of step dancers, fumbling and flailing, each stepping on the others toes while trying to take the lead. Neither one will crumble and give up in defeat, but each would rather hold onto the sweet taste of power not realizing how much sweeter thing’s could be if only they were in harmony.

The world is often out of step with our lives and our desires. Our visions of what we want, have and should have are totally separate images. They are blurred and muddled with colors unnatural to the human eye. There is limited joy, minimal peace and a sense of insecurity when the beat is off and each keeps time to a different drum.

As we age and mature we come to realize the beat is there as a guide and slowly the steps begin to conform. We taste the sweetness of a non-self-serving life and see the picture become clearer to our own eyes. We begin to recognize the strength held inside of our own being, and that of the creator and we unravel the mystery of the dance to find a beautiful and loving home within the rhythm and melody.

You are in an instant a new being, a new creation, and one who knows and follows the tune laid out before you by the creator. One who no longer questions the validity or veracity of His methods? You come full circle in your dance to a place where all that matters is your step matching that of your eternal partners.

You eventually come to the pivotal moment where you reach out without hesitation, without fear and without expectations and you are comfortable in the dance.

I hope you will dance

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