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by dev
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Investments today, and various methods or opportunities available for investments.

In today’s world, people don’t just want to save their money. Instead they want their money to grow while it is saved. So they plan for investments. Though investments become the source of saving the extra money for unforeseen future. Here we are going to discuss the various Investments opportunities available in our world. The need is just to pick your method of investment and save more money for the future.

Investments are of many types. Following are the glimpses of such investments.
1) Making Bank FD.
2) Buying Property.
3) Buying securities.
4) Giving credit to the needy.
5) Opening new business.
6) Buying new jewelry.
7) Making life insurance.
8) Buying a flat or dwelling place. Etc.,

Bank F.D or Fixed Deposit is the very old and famous method used as investment of some amount of money which is not in use. Fixed deposits can be one year, five years, ten years or more. It just depends on your wish. Actually, a rough idea of money requirement should be made before making FD. We don’t know when we feel the need for money. So keeping in mind that the amount we are going to leave as fixed deposits is no longer required in near future, the investment should be made. People opt for Bank FD, because the amount of interest is more than in a normal amount left in savings account. In case we find the emergency requirement of money. And it becomes necessary to break the FD. Then also there is no need to get disheartens. If we are not able to continue our FD, then the bank is bound to pay us the interest amount, which is applicable on the savings bank amount. The benefit on the whole of FD. is that the money stays safe in the hands of an organized institution. And secondly money stays in the liquidity form, so it becomes easy to use when needed immediately.

Property is another method of investment. Many people use to buy property at some places, and later forget that for a period, that may be five years or more. Actually with the rising population in some region, it is an intelligent step to buy a piece of land. After some time that piece of land gives even more than the double amount of return on the investment being made on that land area. The only problem, which a person may have to face, is that of its governmental registration process. Which may some time be time or money or time and money both consuming.

These days-buying securities are also in trend. People opt to buy shares, debentures etc of a company and keep with them for a long period. Due to fast growth of these companies, the return on such investment may come very soon. Many times, due to market fluctuations these shares value may rise or fall. So it is suggested to buy and sell at market fluctuations to increase the amount of profit. When they rise people are advised to sell those shares, and when the market sentiments are negative, these shares are suggested to be sold.

Giving credit to the needy person in return of a fixed amount of interest can be called an Investment. A promissory note is prepared, wherein all the rules and regulations regarding the amount of loan, its method of repayments and interest is written. This promissory note is made official by government stamps and recognition. A person is liable to get his amount of money given as credit to the needy person. If the needy person is not ready or not in a condition for repayment. Then the creditor can claim on his property for fulfillment of his amount.

Some people opt to start a new business with the extra cash in their hands. So investment is made in the form of opening new business that can be in the form of opening Franchisee. These days the business of opening big companies authorized showrooms, eating places, etc., are on the move. These big companies like McDonald’s, Pizza hut and many more take the responsibility of advertisements, supply of raw material, aiding in making their showrooms and many other ways. The only thing we need at that time is money. Such investment gives return for the whole life.

In many South East Asian countries like India, Nepal, Burma etc., people try to invest in Jewelry. That may be of gold or diamond. Although this trend is not seen in the western countries as they have don’t have any habit or social requirement of wearing jewels. The motive behind buying jewelry is mainly
a) To show off the standard of that person and his family.
b) To save money for the unforeseen future. That is when some difficulty comes. Then at that time the jewelry can be sold at the current price and debts can be paid.

Some of us may get there life insurance. Through this method two objectives are achieved. Firstly, the amount being invested can be increased by the yearly interest amount being added to the policy amount. And secondly, If a person is not able to make it till the last payment to the insurance company. Then at that time, his/her family is given the invested amount plus the interest. Remember here, that Insurance Company is bound to pay the full promised amount at the time of death of a person, even if all the payments are not made.

A new trend rising these days is buying a flat or dwelling place. People don’t buy such places for there requirements. Instead they buy them for other people’s requirement. In simple words, by giving them that place, they expect a good amount of return on there investment in the form of RENT. Those people who find difficult to do anywork that may be due to their old age, physical unfitness or they don’t need enough space. Such people gives away those place so that the needy people may live there and they get the return on their investment for the rest of their lifetime.

Now we are introduced with investment opportunities available. What you need is to grab one which suits your requirement and promises to gives the better return.

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