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My friend pogo has a hot dream
(Harp music)

    A lovely maiden reclines on warm spring day. She is stitting
in a beach chair on the edge of a white sandy beach. There is a twisted
plumb tree shading her bronze slender nude figure... She is reading a
copy of @Buster Bear: while sifting the sand through her toes..
    Pogo: Am I disturbing you?
    Maiden: ?
    Pogo: I'm Pogo....
    Maiden: Yes. I know. I'm trying to read.(sigh)
    Pogo: Well, I don't mean to be pushy, but would you like a plum?
    Maiden: Oh, I'm not falling for that....again.(sigh)
    Pogo: It's very juicy.....give it a squeze(hehe).
The maiden reaches up and squezes Pogo's plum and it is ripe. She feels
her mouth water and throat tighten and a tremor in her secret places.
    Maiden: Wellllll, maybe I'll just lick it......
The plum is very sweet in scent. She puts as much as she can in her mouth....
and roles her tongue about its firm skin.
    Pogo: Splosh!
    Maiden: Cough! Ewwwwwwwwwwww! I'm covered in goo.(Sigh) Why can't you
                leave me alone! Oh! My hair is all sticky!
The maiden drops her book and runs to the shore: splashing and plunging until
she is certain she is clean... Then, walking slowly back to the shade of the
plumb tree, she sighs:
    "Maybe one more plum...."

    Pogo: (hehe).
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