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This Coin makes every decision for you or else.0
"$19.68 is your Total sir"
"Thanks Karen and for the last time you don't call me sir"
"Todd I have to its part of my job" replied Karen as she opened the cash register to put in the cash, thus bringing out the change holding out to Todd. "Keep it I don't any coins for today, by the... " " Yes Finally!! Someone said it" Yelled man near the back of conveinent store; he was a some what chubby man, yet he look as if he hadn't slept in days. As Todd and Karen looked suspicously at the man he quickly raced out the door. " Talk about embarising" said Karen with a chuckle "Any ways are you going to Sam's party tonight" asked Todd grabbing a his bag containing chips, lotto card, and his gas reciept."I can't the store is having me work all night". "Well see'ya tomorrow" " Byye".

Todd walked out of the store to his dark blue convertable rounding the corner of the gas station, looking at his watch 7:43 p.m. . When he looked up he saw the man who yelled in the store, Todd noticed he was clutching something tightly in his left hand. He walked up to Todd and said in a calmer voice " Hi I'm Tucker. Sorry about the disturbance in there" then holding out his right hand Todd shuck it "I'm Todd and it's ok everyone has there moments" "I need you to do something for me, take this coin" then opening his sweaty palm revealing an odd coin "Nah its ok I don't need a coin" . Thats when the man pulled out a gun and said with firmer voice this time " You will take the coin or I will kill you" Todd slowly grabbed the coin and put it in his pocket.
"Hey man, why are you doing this" asked Todd in a frightened vioce.
"You said coin"
"Coin! You said coin and thats the rules" Tucker said, pushing the gun closer and firmer into Todds head.
"What are you talking about? What rules?" Todd now was panicing he hoped someone would come around the corner.
"It's that coin I gave'ya its ah sort of magical coin. With every decision and question you ask it will be right and if do something it says not to, well you'll be wishing you did" Todd noticed the man had southern accent.
"What is this a joke"
"Does this look like joke to you?" Tucker pressed the gunhole against Todds head more. "Do wan't me to prove it to you? Get the cion out and ask it a question. The hawk is yes and mouse is no"
Then Todd brought the coin back out and asked, "Will this man shoot me" a Tucker backed up when Todd flipped the coin. "Mouse" said Todd. Then Tucker pulled the trigger, nothing."See its right every time" said Tucker running from the coin as if it were a death itself. Todd then looked at the coin and yelled "What is it, like the monkeys paw" "Its worse" Tucker yelled back.
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