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Intro to the coming 'Bovine Trilogy'.
          What is to come is a documentation. There is nothing fictitious about it. This, you see, is the story of the Revolution of the Bovines. It entails the epic struggles of the Bovines as they break free from human subjugation, fight off traitors and outside revolutionaries, and finally gained their freedom through blood and destruction.
          This is the story of a great realization, a realization that came to the cows through the medium of an individual thinker. In all changing societies, change come slowly, and usually come about by the thinking of an individual or small group. This society just happened to realize that they were being oppressed unfairly, and thus they reacted. They exacted vengeance on their predators for thousands upon thousands of years of taking advantage of their evolutionary “superiority”, and they did brutally.
          You see, oppression, no matter how “justified,” or “necessary” it may be, is always something to be fought against and rejected, by any means necessary, even if it means the death of innocents. The innocence of these “innocents” can even be heavily debated. In this instance, the “innocents” would only have aged and developed into the dictators that held down the individuality and rights of these creatures. Thus, the ends certainly justify the means.
          The time of change has come, and sweeps down upon swift wings. The vengeful bird thenceforth will carry out this justified slaughter, and make right the centuries of injustice done by these arrogant, weak creatures. To arms! To arms! Revolution calls us in sweet whispers! Scream now, eagle of justice, for victory over tyranny!

BTW: These are not my views. This introduction is delivered from the vantage point of a character.
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