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Advice article about positive thinking and how your self-image affects your success.
Imagine yourself at a critical point of change in your life. Perhaps it is a job interview for a really nice job, and it's more than you were really hoping for. Maybe it's an impromptu conversation with that really sexy guy or girl you've admired, but felt sure was out of your league. Or it could be the day you told your family and friends something you'd been hiding, certain that you were disappointing them.

Ask yourself these questions:
- Why are other less qualified people around you getting jobs or promotions?
- How do so many unattractive guys get beautiful girls?
- What makes charisma?

There is actually a simple formula for success in life that people often underestimate: if you believe, others will believe. Okay, maybe you can't convince everyone that you can jump off a 20-story building and fly, even if you do really believe you can. In fact, they'll probably just call the police. However, you can influence people. In fact, you can influence yourself, too.

Let's be honest. Companies don't make jobs which are so complicated and difficult that there is only one possible person who could handle it. Everyone is replaceable, right? There are generally many basically-qualified candidates for any given job. However, smart companies hire the right personality for the environment. And sometimes that means the less-qualified candidate with the better attitude.

One of the deciding factors in many interpersonal situations, such as job interviews, dating, and just life in general, is your own self-image. Why do we consistently judge ourselves and compare ourselves to others around us? Each one of us is an incredible, multi-faceted and completely unique individual. Each of us has something only we can offer the world. If you can find that something, and keep it in the forefront of your mind, then you can believe in yourself. That attitude will permeate you and those around you. You will be remembered and appreciated for it.

We do our best to hide it, but we all share the same insecurities and self-doubt. Now consider this, who do you want to be around? Someone who is positive, secure in themselves, and honest and open in who they are? Or someone who is trying to be like everyone else, or uncertain with who they are? Have faith. Believe in yourself. And the world will come to believe in you, too.
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