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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Action/Adventure · #1241804
Chapter 2
Thor sat his turn watching over the enterance to the cavern, waiting patiently for any one that came near or opposed him or his friends. The night was silent and very cold considering they were underground with no fire. Ivan had recently just woken up and joined Thor by the enterance.
"How are things so far?"
Thor moved his head up to look at Ivan, he had been in a light sleep.
"Nothing has come down here since Falle and Evee, not one person."
Ivan's face turned into a more relaxed expression.
"Good, well be able to move on through these tunnles and hopefully make it out to the desert without being noticed." He paused for a moment. "If we are to do this we will need to wake them up and start moving right now.
Ivan moved twords Jesse and Falle and lightly tapped them on the shoulder. They both took a minuet to adjust to the dim light then rose to their feet.
"Are we ready to start moving agian?" Falle had asked while still rubbing his eyes.
"Yes, they have made no move twords us so we think it's a sign that they are either waiting for us on the surface or they have moved to other more important targets."
Falle nodded his head and leaned back down twords the ground over Evee. He reached under her legs and upper back and rose back to his feet holding the small child in his arms. She started to move but eventually settled back down and fell alseep once more.

***More to be continued, have to write more tomarow****
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