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human relations
A siolo in a feild somewhere in the midwest.

    She had high hopes to advance in rank. Athletic and tall with noble
features and piercing gaze, she imagined wings on her v-shaped shoulders.
Her fellow officer could only focus on her pale pink flesh. Her eyes glanced over
the panel behind her as he slid about her opened uniform. "Is this
my fate?" she pondered allowing every secret place on her supple slender
form to be exposed and prodded. "Mellonie!" he exclaimed.
    He was a young man of Spanish hue and very determined to make her
open completely to him. She smiled: "Poko..." Now, a look of challenge
came over him. He plunged himself further into her. Her throat tightened
and her chess grew hotter and harder. She visualized a thick knotted
rope strapped about her neck and down across her chess and back up
again between her legs and up her back to her slender neck again. Her back
arched and the knot in her belly grew hotter.
    Bwah! The two young lovers froze. There was a launch command on
the panel. They stared, unwilling to break their hold... Bawh!
Mellonie twisted about from the pile of laundry on the floor and rose
to the monitor.....Click. Click. Click.******** "Get on your screen!" she ordered.
His manhood ridiculously still erect, Joshua typed.... Click,click,click,click(?)
"Must be another test." he stuttered. "I don't think so." her words slurred from
the throbbing between her legs. Now, they remembered their training. Keys:
turned in unison. Viiiiiiishhhhhhhhu. The Titans in the silos awakened.+
Joshua stared fiercely at Mellonie. Bwah! A new message slid across their
screens... It was only a test.

Panem caelestem accipiam,
et nomen Domini invocabo.(+)

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